Yesterday I turned the big 2-4! 
It was such a great birthday.
I was hoping to have a baby by now...
but I guess the little man just isn't quite ready to enter the world yet,
so I will have to be patient.
(Man oh man, is that harder than it sounds!!)

But despite my giant belly and looming thoughts of a coming baby,
Jord went all-out and made the day special for me.
I sure love that man!

I woke up to a decorated apartment, a sweet note, and my favorite treats.
(Would it surprise you if I told you they were all of the chocolate variety? Didn't think so.)
Then we went to the park for lunch and let Boston play.
It was such a beautiful day!!

Last night, we went out to get Thai food...
one of my all time favorites!!
Seriously, I love that stuff.
Our cute little Boston boy came along for the fun.

This kid and his cheeser face!!

After dinner, we headed over to the park to try and get labor started by walking laps
let Boston play. :-)

Here I am...in all of my 40 week pregnant glory!!
I seriously didn't think I would still be pregnant on my birthday...
but the little stinker had other plans!

Can I just say how much I love my Boston boy??
Seriously, the kid melts my heart.
Jord taught him to say "Happy birthday,"
so all day he would randomly throw his hands up and yell "Birfday yaaaaaaay!!"
It was kind of the cutest thing ever.

I just can't get enough of this little man.

He has recently become obsessed with the park.
Anytime we are getting his shoes on to leave the house, he asks,
"Park? Side? (slide) Weeeeeeeeee!"
He loves it!

And if there is one thing he loves more than the park...
this boy LOVES his daddy.

We finished off the night with some Nielsen's frozen custard.
So yummy!

Jord spoiled me with a great day...
and with a post-baby shopping spree for some new clothes! Whoop whoop!
I am one lucky girl.
Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, everyone! 
It was such a great day.

And now...
I am officially past-ready to have a baby.
Send some good labor vibes my way!!

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