Introducing: Camden Race McMurtrey!

 Well, now that two weeks have passed, I figured it was time to post about
our new little baby!
Sorry for the delay, but a new baby keeps you pretty busy! :-)

Just as I was beginning to think that our little boy decided to make
a permanent residence out of my tummy, he decided to make his debut!
Camden Race McMurtrey was born on Saturday, May 11th, at 9:37 A.M.
He weighed 8 lbs, 2 ounces, and was 20 inches long.
He was born with a full head of hair, just like his brother!
He is absolutely perfect, and we just love having him in our family.

And now...get ready for a picture overload!

My boys have their daddy to thank for all of their hair!!
They definitely got it from him.

Boston was definitely unsure of the whole baby idea for a while.
He is warming up to him now, and he will be such a great big brother, I am sure of it!
But boy, were those first few days rough.
Boston did not like that he had to share mommy and daddy.
The only way I could get him to come near me in the hospital was by
bribing him with my awesome "cup." 
Whatever works! :-)

 I sure love that Boston boy of mine.

Here is our first attempt at a family photo with the four of us.
(Did you hear that...the FOUR of us....it blows my mind!!)

Jord's family was able to come up right away, and they loved baby Cam!
 They entertained Boston for us, and he had a blast with them.
Thanks Mac fam, we owe you guys!!

This boy loves his daddy SO much!

 It was bittersweet to leave the hospital.
Sweet because I couldn't WAIT to be with Boston again, 
but bitter because, well, no one would bring me food or take my baby 
at the push of a button once I got home. :-)

Isn't it crazy how you can love a little person so much??

Camden wasn't a huge fan of the car seat...and cried pretty much the whole way home.
He still hates the thing!
But hey, doesn't he look cute in it??

 Boston was so happy to see us when we pulled up, 
but he was a little confused why "Baby Tam" came with us.
That took some getting used to!

My best friend Jordan came up to see the new baby!
It was so fun to see her for a little bit.

The Mac family had to head home, and we were sad to see them go!
Boston asked where they were for the next week...at least five times a day.
He loves them!

 My sister Syd was also able to come up right away, 
and we loved having her here! It's always a party when Syd is here.
She is such a help to have around!

We gave Camden his first bath the day after we brought him home.
He loved the warm water.
What a little cutie!

Isn't this sad face the cutest??

This baby has so much hair!!
It kills me.

We are LOVING our new little man.
He is such a sweetheart!
We can't imagine our family without him.
Thank you all for the sweet messages, texts, and calls!
We feel so very blessed!!


  1. Ahh! He is so perfect! You have such a beautiful family Kels! I want to come back!

  2. Wow, I don't look very excited or happy BUT I really was!!! He's such a cutie and looks a lot like his daddy, especially his hair!! We had a blast with Boston and were so sorry we had to leave. Congratulations Kelsey and Jordan - Love you!!!!

  3. Loved this post!! All those pictures are darling, and as usual, you look beautiful! I never would guess you just had your second baby :)

  4. He looks more grown up with all that hair a'growing! So glad he finaly came and that all is well. What a cute family of FOUR!! :)

  5. Great pictures! You have a darling little family.

  6. Seriously! Too cute. And those cups are awesome!