Another overdue picture overload! Brace yourself.

Guys, I am the worst at blogging right now.
There once was a time when I was like *BOOM!* new post every day...
but then I added another bundle of beautiful, screaming, pooping joy into my life,
and the blogging idea became a distant hope and dream.

I laugh, but oh, how I would most definitely choose a nap over a new post 
about 99% of the time. 
But don't hate, okay?
(do people even say that phrase anymore?)
Because look! Here I am! Making a post! Whoop whoop!

So about a week after we had our little guy, 
who we have affectionally dubbed "Cam Bam," by the way,
the Wrights came to visit! 
We always love spending time with those guys!!

Their little Abbi is getting sooooo big!
Well actually, she still probably weighs less than Boston's big toe, but she is growing up! :-)
She is just a doll.
Boston isn't quite sure of her, though.

See what I mean?

At least he let her read his book from a distance...
yep- we need to work on the whole sharing idea asap.

Her big blue eyes!!
This is so blurry but so darling.
I love it.

Boston has had quite the time getting used to Camden.
He is pretty good for the most part, but gets really worried whenever Cam cries. 
When I don't leap up to retrieve my crying babe right away, Boston worridly asks,

"I get? I get?"

(Toddler translation: "You want me to just go get him, mom, since you seem to be sleeping there on the couch in your pajamas at 3 in the afternoon?")

I stinking love the kid.

Thanks for coming to visit, Wrights!!
We can't wait to hang out with you again soon.

(Again, this is blurry but darling. Blast you, camera! You make me mad a lot.)

That same week, my parents and two of my siblings came up to see Camden for the first time!
They just gobbled him up.
(Not literally, come on now.)

Random side note:
Boston struggles with the word "grandma."
"Grandpa" is no biggie, he just says "Papa."
But grandma is another story.
You want to know how he says it?

"Gong Gong."

It is kind of the funniest Chinese version of the word ever!! Haha. Anywho.

Lets take a moment and notice three things about this next picture:
1- My dad is always this tan...even when its the dead of winter. Then why am I so pasty white, you ask? All thanks to my mom's genes. It's kind of a bummer.

2-Cam is making the most awesome drunken sailor face ever. 
3-My dad is completely oblivious to the giant barf stain on his shirt. The mark of a grandpa!

Whit loved the new little guy.
(Girl, you be glowing here!)

Not so much.

Just kidding! Haha sorry Tann, that oblivious angry face was just too good to pass up.

Tanner was great with him too, but the adorable picture of him and Cam together
is on my smartphone, which is a shame.
Because here's the thing.
I don't really know how to work the blasted phone to get the pictures from it...
onto my computer. Ridiculous, right???? I know I know.
Someone teach me the ways of technology!!!

More cute baby photos.

What a good little brother I have.
A little brother who towers over me and has the cutest girlfriend ever. I am still weirded out by that!
(the towering part, not the cute girlfriend part)

And what a cute sister and mom.
Wouldn't you agree?

(Syd, you are cute too.)

We loved having friends and family come to visit!!
Thanks for coming to see us, guys! 
We love your guts.

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  1. Yay, for more picture and a blog post. I love them all.