Hey hey hey, it's Father's Day!

I don't know what inspired the jiggity-jig song title for this post,
but hey!
Just go with it.

As I was searching for pictures for this post, I started to feel really sentimental 
and mushy gushy about stuff.
More specifically, about all of the awesomely incredible dads in my life.
Who are these stalwart fellows, you ask?
Let me introduce you to some of the coolest dads in town.
(or I guess, in several towns)

Side tangent:
 Please notice that they are all insanely tan, year-round.
And they always look even tanner when they stand next to me, because I am, as you say,
"casper the ghost."
Again, curse you and your white-skinned genes, mother!
(Just kidding mom, I love you. And since you live in southern Utah,
you're not actually pasty at all anymore.)

Okay, back to Happy Father's Day business!
This first guy is such a good man.
He is genuine, caring, and one of the best listeners I know.
He works hard, and he has raised some awesome kids!!
So awesome, in fact, that I married one of them.
Thank you for being such a great dad to Jord, Father-in-law to me,
but more importantly,
an AWESOME grandpa to Bost and Cam!
We love you.

Next in the line-up, my dad!
 This man has the most giving heart I have ever seen.
(I mean, I haven't actually seen the heart, but just go with it.)
He is such a hard working human, and he has touched so many lives for the better.
He is pretty awesome.
Also, he spoils the *boop* out of my children, and they love it!
Thanks for being such a great dad and grandpa...
we love you!

Lastly, but definitely not least (ly?),
is my main man, Jordan Race.
When I imagined how the father of my children would be,
 I never in a million years dreamed he would be as cool, smart, funny, caring,
patient, crazy, and loving as this guy right here.
 I'm pretty sure I loved him a whole lot when we got married,
but then we had kids. And I saw him as a dad.
And my heart melted a million times over.
(I am even getting teary-eyed writing this! I know I know, cheeseball fest.)

But really, Jord, you are the best.
Like, the very very best.
Our boys are so lucky to have a dad like you!!
We love you just about


Probably more.


Happy Father's Day, you three!!
You guys are the bomb diggity.

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