Both of our families came to Rexburg so we went swimming.

...yes we did. Here's the story.

So the weekend of Camden's baby blessing (pictures of that part coming up nexscht...), we were like, lets do something fun with both of our families! Because number one, we won't see them all again for who knows how long (Kentucky is faaaar). And number two, our apartment is approximately 30 ft in parameter. A tad bit squishy for three whole families, you know?

So to Rexburg Rapids we went!

...for twenty'ish minutes. And then the sky was black and the lightening was happening, so we got kicked out. So much for that! But hey, we did manage to snap about one million photos. Which is the important thing.

Cutest sweaty baby award, right here.

Get ready for two awesome Whitney photobomb-esque moments:

Told you. Also, Boston didn't care one bit about the water (are you suprised? Because you really shouldn't be. Come on now). But he did have a heck of a time on the plastic chairs and tubes on dry ground.

That child. I love him and his weird ways.

And if this isn't your favorite picture of all time, I don't even know. You are crazy or something.

Ok so, our families are pretty stinking fun. I think we might miss them, just a titch. On a side note: if you are thinking to yourself, "Hey wow. Some of these photos are super high quality, while others seem to lack the before-mentioned quality." Well, you are right. So don't fret.

Some of the pictures came from Syd's totally bomb camera, and the others, well, they came from ours. (HAVE I MENTIONED I NEED A NEW CAMERA? Dear Santa, I have been really good this year. Oh, it's August you say? Well shoot.)

Anyways. Family is great.

And Tanner, ahem. Well, here he is.

And keeping with every family gathering tradition, we began the phase called "Everyone. HURRY! Take as many photos of Boston as you can!!!!!" I don't really understand why it happens, but hey. It is quite exciting.

"Strawberrrrrrrrry. Gooooooood."

I love this one. So precious.

This one is also precious.
Just kidding.
Pulling your leg.

So, we got kicked out. And that was a bummer. But hey! My family was staying in a hotel nearby, and hotels have pools too! So we moved the party that-a-way. And ate like 12 pizzas. (You think I'm kidding!)

Is this not the cutest pizza-eating human in a towel ever???

"Momma, no sorts. Peez." Um, ok! I will happily let you run around naked, kid. Less work and more cuteness all around!

The end.

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