The blessing day of Camden Race.

I love when new babies are blessed. It is such a special day! Maybe I am just an overly-emotional mother or something, but oh geez, the second that the blessing starts...I lose it. I cry the whole time. Babies are the most precious things!!! Wow. And I get to keep two of them! I can't believe it. 

Anyways. Camden's blessing day! We had family travel near and far to come, and friends too! The blessing was beautiful, and then we headed over to a park for some food with everyone afterwards. It was such a perfect day! (Except when Boston grabbed out several cans of soda...shook them violently...and handed them to unsuspecting victims. So yeah.)

Onto the barrage of never-ending photos, with minimal wordage. (I am in the middle of moving and I am tired and lazy and I don't want to explain pictures and stuff like that or punctuate at all so don't be mad or anything okay? okay. youda best.)

 [ P.S. Sydney and Sydney's camera, thank you times three million for these!!]

Whitney. GURL. You take some pretty epic photos. Where do you acquire such talents??

srlsly tho.
4 rls.
uda bst.

(too much?)

 Also, the Packers, the Wrights, and the Jacobs have thee cutest little girls ever. Boston was one lucky little dude to be surrounded by them all day long. Dear Brittlee, Abbi, and Kloee: Polygamy? Sister wives? Something like that?
...kidding, kidding. Sit down everyone.

Dear Tanner. You are such a creepstache. But I will still miss you and your five chin hairs.
Love, Kelsey.

But seriously. These girls and Boston.


...and you thought I was done with the polygamy bit.

Hey Ashley. Do you not have the cutest child?? I mean look at her. Ca-uuute. All five pounds of her!

Group pictures! Lets talk about how group pictures are draining. Getting children to sit still? stand in one place? look at the camera? And smiling?? (Just the thought! I am shuddering.) Sometimes group pictures make me want to take a nap. Cam feels the same way. Just look at his poor little screaming mug.

Also, I acquired a new child in these photos! And she is pretty stinking cute, so I'll take her! (You won't mind, will you Kim?)


The whole group!!
What a good looking bunch.
Hey Syd, do you see? I photoshopped you right there in the front.
(jk girl. Thanks for taking the pic!)

"Hey husband! Lets take a selfie! With the zoom clear in!"

And now for one thousand photos of Camden Race McMurtrey the third (minus the third) on his blessing day. Because on a day that is all about you, you deserve at least that many photos. So I won't even feel one bit bad about posting them.

And hello. If these pictures are not the cutest things in the world, then what? What is cuter??

Camden, you are the love of my heart. (Is that even a thing?)
I just kind of want to eat your face because it is the cutest thing I have ever beheld.
You are so perfect!
Well, you are.
How am I so lucky to have you and your brother AND your dad??
I must be doing something right.

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