festivities of the fourth.

Hi. I'm posting about the fourth of July! And it was like four weeks ago. I'm on the balllll. Actually, I'm not. We are currently recovering from a family vacation to Montana (more on that later!), a birthday of a first child (more on that later!), a baby blessing of a second child (more on that later!) (Um. I have some catching up to do, f'reals.)...and so. You get the idea of the behindedness of my posting. And also, we are moving in tomorrow. WHAT. I know. Across the country. Onward ho!

But lets get back to the fourth. Because hey! That was a great day! We started her off with a little parade-going in the morn. Apparently 10 am is a super early morning for Boston, as you can see by the clinging to of the night-night shirt.

But once the parade got cracking, he went into full-fledged patriotic child mode. Clapping his hardest and cheering for anything that drove by  (...even the pooper scoopers. Hooray for them and their nasty job!). I can't even tell you how proud I was to have my firstborn sitting on the curb by the other kids, by himself, just enjoying a good ol' parade. Do other parents have this inexplicable pride fill their hearts at random moments that makes them (embarrassingly) tear up?? Please tell me yes, Kelsey, you aren't the only one.

^^This guy. Rawr.

Then once upon a time, I found the cutest baby in our stroller. And I was like, can I keep him?

So lets just take a moment to talk about parades. In Rexburg, Idaho. They are a thing of weirdness, let me say. You have the usual, you know, horses and color guard fan-twirlers, the beauty queens and the gymnastic flippy girls down the road (those poor sweaty things)...but then you have some particularly "Rexburgy" contributors. 

Such as this, a tractor pulling a cake.

Or this. A creepy paper mache couple, perched in front of a temple replica. What the world. And also, it was the "mayor's choice award" float. You see? Very Rexburgy.

But hey! All it took were some horses, some stars n' stripes, and the parade was redeemed again for Boston (and his skeptic mother).

Later our friends invited us to come barbeque a their house. They set up a pop-up canopy in their yard, and Boston got comfy in a mini camp chair. So I was like cute! Picture Bost, smile!
And he was like:

Story of Boston's picture life.

 No worries though. He forgave me for constantly camera-attacking him as soon as he heard some tunes. He and Brittlee made up some awesome interpretive dance moves. I like to call this one,

 "Wedgie boy and mermaid hair girl."

And this one, "Mr. Roboto and I'm'onnawhackyou."

Also, he loves strollers. Who woulda thunk.


So, happy fourth!
(four weeks ago.)
(but you are forgiving me for that one, remember?)

We love ya, America.

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  1. Cute! I was crackin' up at the dance move descriptions! Good luck with your move (and unpacking and all that jazz)... I'm excited for the next installment! :)