A few photos from our first venture in Lexington...

(...like two months ago. Uhhh.)

Friends! Family! Colleagues! (Do I have any of those?) So, a few things that may be of interest. Firstly, I will point out that my sweet, cherub-faced toddler happened to pull twelve (you heard that right, TWELVE) keys off of my laptop a few days ago. Including the ever-useful space bar.


If this blog post lacks in wordage (which it will), don't be alarmed. It is obviously becauseIcan'tspacewords without breaking my thumb every 1/2 second. So now that's out of the waaaaayyyy. (I just did the last five spaces with my left pointer finger. Everything's all outta whack in the universe when you've got broken keys.)

But now! A few pictures! And like I said. These are suuuuuper late. When we first arrived in Lexington, we spent every blooming second trying to find a suitable place to live. We thought of nothing else but finding. a. HOUSE. It was rough. So then! The day came when the place was found, the contract was signed, and suddenly, we were like "Hey look! We live in a new city! Let's look at it."

And my poor mother. She was with us for a week, and this is basically the only fun thing slash outing that she experienced in Lexington. Boo. (House hunting. It sucks the life outta ya!) But she was a good sport. (Come back and see us, mom! We promise we won't keep you holed-up in a cave with our children for seven days straight. Mm k?) 

So here you are! Some downtown Lexington sights for your viewing pleasure.

One Mississippi...

Two Mississippi.

If at any point you start thinking, "Hey. These guys are looking really sweaty. I'm getting uncomfortable."
Guess what? You're right.
That's what 90 degrees and 190% humidity in August will do to you, baby doll.

And lastly, a moment of Camden Race.

He's cute.
Now. Let's just cross our fingers that I will get my hiney in gear and get caught up with life and blogging soon. Love you guys.

Peace and blessins to y'all.

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