brothers and pears.

So, here's a test for you. 
And this test will determine our level of friendship, so get serious. 

(...all in good fun, you guys. All in good fun. ka-chow!)

So here we are!
Can you tell which kid is which?

I know. I love it too.
If you guess right, you win a hershey kiss... and 30 pears. 

( As a totally unrelated side note, I have recently acquired 70 pounds of pears. 70 POUNDS. And I have no idea what to do with them. So, come and get some. No but seriously. Lexington peeps! Hit me up!)

See ya later!
...or in the words of Boston, when we leave to go anywhere (the store, to church, etc.)... 

"Byyyyyye! Sleep goooooood!"


  1. Boston on the Left and Camden on the Right! I wish I could come and get some pears!