aaaaaand Montana, part II [one hundred years later].

So, Montana! Remember it? Remember how we were there in July and now we're in September? And I'm just now catching up. Mlerp. Better late than never, I say.

Also, thinking about all of the other stuff I have to catch up on kind of gives me a rash. You guys. Sooooo maaaaannny pictuuuuress await your eyes. But okay, one step at time, right? So Montana it will be!

And now.

One day we decided to go tour the old prison and car museum in a town called Deer Lodge. I was like, "Ya, they'll probably have a couple of cool old cars in a room, or something." Uhhhh, not even close! It was a three floored barrage of cars everywhere you looked. Pretty cool! Boston was in heaven.

^^Look how teeny tiny this child was!! He has gained at least 14 chub rolls since this picture^^

"MOM! YOOK! Mooo- syco. Cooooool."

The car museum was connected the old Montana prison where they used to keep the big bad guys. It was so interesting slash creepy to see where the prisoners used to sleep and eat and ....uh.... be prisoners.

It probably didn't help that Jord and I were in the middle of Prison Break when we went here. So things were a little too real for me being in an actual prison. That show is INTENSE. (I may or may not have had nightmares for a week that I was stuck in Fox Hollow Prison with T-bag and Abruzzi. Bah!)

^^Terri, your face cracks me up here! So prisoner-esque.^^

They used to make the "flight-risk" prisoners wear these concrete-bottom shoes so they couldn't escape. They weigh 60 pounds! (Like I said, you guys. Nightmares.)


Ready for the cutest prisoner on earth? I mean.
Those puppy dog eyes!! Could you not just eat his face?

And now, for some Camden. My favorite four month old.
(who is actually not quite three months in these photos. I know, I know, I'm sooooo behind.)

Boom. Part two, completed.
More pictures, coming 'atcha quick!

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  1. Kelsey, I just love your posts! I feel like I'm actually there! and I like that because I miss your family like crazy! Tell that cute Boston Boy I said Hi!