Oktoberfest, the carnival!

Kentucky in the Fall. Is there a greater place to be? So far, I'm a total fan. The leaves are changing, the Halloween decorations are dotting doorsteps, and it is still a balmy 80 degrees most days (Ohhhh Idaho. How I don't miss your 30 degree Fall weather). So basically, Fall in Kentucky has been a win!

Kentucky also has tons and tons of carnivals and fairs in the Fall to celebrate it's heritage, so there is always something fun going on. The pagan pride festival, the chicken festival, the apple festival... you name it, they've got it. It's awesome!

A couple of weekends ago, our cute neighbor told us about an Oktoberfest celebration that was going on at Christ the King church near our house, so we thought "What the heck!" and went to check it out. It ended up being a blast for Boston! They had blow up toys, carnival games, face painting.... and tons and tons of beer.

Lets just take a minute and talk about how weird it was to see everyone with beer at a church function. Like giant, blown-up beer cans, beer banners, the whole shebang. My little-Mormon-girl horizons are being broadened here. And I love it!

And now, Oktoberfest. And rain boots.


Boston got waaaaay into the carnival games. Butting kids in line at the bean bag toss, jabbing random two-year-olds with the fishing pole...you get the idea. A little rough. I guess was just so excited to play, he couldn't control his chubby limbs. That kid! He's a favorite.

Wanna take a stab at what his favorite game was?
Ope, you guessed it.

The little girls working this dolphin game were the cutest things ever. They kept telling Boston, "You are our best customer! You are our number one winner!!"

He was grinning from ear to ear when he got done with that one. So STINKING cute.

And now, one very cute and fat....and extremely bald...baby boy, coming your way. Your welcome.

^^sorting the loot.^^

And also, it was game day. Go Cougs!

Annnnd like I said. Beer! Everywhere. Boston kept pointing to this giant inflated can saying,
"Momma yook! Biiiiiiig cup!"
I think I'll just stick to my diet dr. pepper.

Welp, I'd say our Oktoberfest outing was a success. Thanks for a fun day, Christ the King church!
We had a blast.
You'da best.

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  1. hahaha! How fun :) Those rain boots were crackin' me up. And remind me not get in Boston's way when he's throwing a ball to knock over milk bottles. . . he means business!