The ghost of Halloweens' past.

Friends! It's October!! I'm so excited about this. I cannot WAIT for Halloween this year. Jord turned to me the other day and said, "Babe, you know what I just realized?? We are in America for Fall! Like Halloween, and football and stuff!"

Let's just take a moment to reflect on our previous, well, non-traditional Halloweens, so you can fully appreciate my anticipation for an awesome slash normal Halloween celebration this year. Here goes.


Halloween 2008: I was teaching English in China, celebrating a non-existent Halloween holiday with a bunch of adorable Chinese kiddos on a sugar/ chicken feet/ noodle high. Jord was in Mongolia on his mission, eating goat heads and doing service... and other important stuff.



^^such a handsome missionary!!^^

Halloween 2009: Jordan was still in Mongolia, and I was at BYU in Provo, Utah. I went to a weird zoobie Halloween party, where there was a llama? Ya. I don't even know.

^^Isn't this little kid adorable??^^

Now that I think of it...I'm quite sure this wasn't even Halloween. Oh well. Just go with it.

Halloween 2010: We were in Moscow, Russia, teaching English to a bunch of kids who had absolutely no idea what Halloween was. We encouraged them to dress up for the big day....and it was kind of a flop. One kid, Stas, showed up in a wolf shirt, and another girl named Nastya donned some lovely combat boots. Granted, this was their normal attire, but we counted it as a costume to keep tradition with the Halloween spirit.

^^Red Square!^^

Halloween 2011: We were at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg. Boston was three months old. We dressed him up like a puppy, and had high hopes of trick-or-treating to a few friends' houses. Well, it turned out that Boston HATED his costume... so we made it to one friend's house,gave up, and went home to eat a box of donuts.


Halloween 2012: We were living in Brussels, Belgium. Where again, Halloween isn't really a thing.  We decided "What the heck, Boston won't remember anyway!" and hopped on a train to London instead of dressing up. So spoooooky of us. But I'll tell you something right now... fish 'n chips in London was waaaaay better than the ten pounds of candy I normally eat for dinner on October 31st.

So guys. THIS YEAR. This is the year we will attempt to have an actual real-life spooky/ trick-or-treating/ dressing up celebration! In America even!! Bring out the pumpkins, the cider, and lets start up Hocus Pocus.

 Halloween, you old dog. I am so ready for you!

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