Let's take a riiiiiiiiiide...

...on the Dinosaur Traiiiiiiin.

...and if you're singing that song in your head now, then a few things. 1, you are a parent of a toddler, definitely. 2, you suddenly realized that you know more lyrics to pbs kid show songs than any other type of music. and 3, you should fully appreciate this blog post.

So, I like to enter contests. And raffles. And drawings. And competitions. Apparently, I'm addicted to winning? Maybe this is a bad moment of self-discovery. You know, the kind where I realize I'm wasting my time on things that don't really matter. But you guys! It is such a rush. I usually win random things that I don't really care about (a free karate lesson? I'll pass.), but sometimes! Sometimes I get lucky.

So obviously, when I saw this giveaway on a facebook, I entered to win tickets to a live show of "Dinosaur Train." Which, for you non-parents-of-toddlers, is basically the greatest marketing strategy in the history of kid shows. I mean, come on. Whoever sat there and thought, "Hmmm. What do kids like? Dinosaurs....trains... well by golly, let's make a show out of it! We'll be rich!"  That guy is a freakin' genius.  

Anyways. I won! 4 tickets. Which meant that instead of paying $100 bucks for a kid concert, we got in for freeeeeeeee. And can I just tell you that as far as kid shows go, this one was pretty dang fun! Think Barney live, or The Wiggles... just a little more uh, dinosaury.

The dinosaurs were pretty legit! Boston kept getting freaked out by the big pink one.

"Mom! Dat PINK one SCAWWWWY!!" (uhhh, do you hear what you're saying there, pal?"

I was just impressed that the person inside of the thing could control it. I was seriously waiting for the whole big dinosaur body to come crashing down on the front row. (Now that would've been a show!)

^^ in a dinosaur trance^^

During intermission, Boston was super paranoid that we were going to miss the show. On our way back from the bathroom, he booked it back to our seats and kept yelling,

"Huwee mom!! Gotta see Di-soar train!!!!!!!!!!"

(Do you guys have whip blash from reading all my Boston-voice quotes? Thought so.)


Jord was getting some full-on belly laughs from Camden during intermission. The people behind us were cracking up! Just look at him. His chubby little chin fat. His awkward baby hair. His deep dimpley smile....

THIS KID! I mean come on.

And then we watched the last half of the show where the giant Elvis-impersonator dinosaur gets brave enough to sing for a concert. And Buddy learns to accept his T-Rex body. And then his family of pterodactyls (did you know how that was spelled? woof!) join him in song.

It was a riveting plot. But, Boston was in HEAVEN. He was booty shaking to all of the songs.

^^proudly sporting his dinosaur sticker^^
And now! The awkward segue to conclude with the moral of the story:

So maybe I AM a contest junkie. And maybe it's usually a waste of time.
But sometimes.
Sometimes you win tickets to Dinosaur Train: Live! and your kid thinks you're the coolest.

And that, my friends, that is so worth it.

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