Halloween: the wrap-up.

Halloween. Ohhh, Halloween. How you have consumed 9/10ths of my October month. But you were fun, and you were good in the end, so I'll try and forget how much I wanted you to just shut up already. (I'm writing a hate letter to a holiday? You guys. This is who I am now, apparently.)

But now! November is here! And I feel great about this. I am so ready for the turkey business to commence, because I'm overly stuffed with Halloween candy. Like so much candy I could barf. (as I sit here with my tenth twix and a mini pack of mike n' ikes. Apparently I am a hypocrite, also.)

And so! Let me just close my mouth and show you some pictures. That sounds good!

But first, I must explain. On our actual Halloween, the mayor decided to move trick-or-treating from that night until the next night of November 1st. The weather wasn't looking too hot (like scary winds that pulled down trees), so we were like "Okay Mr Mayor, good point." But we were still able to go to a library party on actual Halloween, and it was a blast! They did a storytime, a costume parade, trick-or-treating stations, and crafts. Boston loooooved it.

PART I. First Halloween.

Boston spotted another "Captain," and yelled

"MOM! YOOK!! It's meeee!!" with these giant excited eyes and pointing at the kid like a maniac. And then naturally, he had to stop and play puzzles with him, mid-festivities.

"TICK-A-TWEEEEEEEET! Ya' welcome for dis candy!!" Is what Boston yelled at every trick-or-treat station when they gave him candy. I was dying. This boy! Oh this boy.

I had a very distinct thought several times on this day. It went a little something like "I'm pretty sure I will dress these children in their costumes every single day." 

Because, well, hi. Please tell me they are not the cutest superheros you've seen in your life.

That's what I thought.

And then, I had to snap a couple picture of the leaves on our way to pick up daddy on campus for lunch.


PART II. Second Halloween.

That's right, two-part blog post for a two-part Halloween. Yo diggity!
 (A gang call seemed fitting for this moment?)

So we bundled up and went trick-or-treating with the Ellingsons, and we had a blast! It turns out that ol' Mayor knew what he was doing, because the weather was top notch that night. A lot better than forcing your way to peoples'  doorways through a tornado, and stuff like that.

And suddenly, Boston was thirteen years old. Going to peoples' doors by himself, running to catch up with friends, begging for candy without the help of mom or dad. It was a strangely emotional time.

And also, I'm still not over his pot-belly superhero physique. In case you were wondering.

I'm also not over this guy's physique either. Ow Ow! (tmi?)

Mid trick-or-treat route, we spotted this dog dressed as the Hulk. So naturally, I had to ask them to stop so I could take a picture. I mean,  a hulk bull dog?? What kind of Halloween geniuses are these people?

We found ourselves at a Southern Baptist trunk-or-treat along our route. Which was convenient (candy jackpot!), and also infomative. (We ended up with at least seven flyers on finding God in Boston's treat bucket. I love it.)

Titan. This boy was cracking me up!! He had about five suckers clenched in both hands at all times. And he would randomly start booking it to the nearest house yelling, "MORE TANDY!!"

And then this cute girl. She was in our little trick-or-treating group, and she immediately took upon her the role of Boston's protector / trick-or-treat adviser / mini-mom / guardian angel (note the costume). She would say "No Captain, over this way!" "Come on Captain, let's go get candy!" I know...she called him Captain.

Freaking adorable.
creeeeeepy demon eyes.

note the Christian flyer. One of many, mind you.
And so.

Halloween! You were good. And we like your candy a lot.
But we're so over you.

Until next year, old pal!

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  1. Your kiddos are seriously so dang cute! Love your blog and jealous you are somewhere besides Rexburg!