So, blogging. Yeah, I think I remember it. (what's this thing with words and ramblings and photos of chubby children?) It's been a while, you old blog you.

I guess the holidays really take it out of me, you know. As far as blogging goes. It's like, if there's a choice between piggy-backing my babies all around and laughing and eating pie and setting up Christmas decorations......or blogging? You guys. I mean really. I'm sure you understand.

So now, a post about Thanksgiving. In a hopeless attempt to catch up on blogging and photos and life.
And guys, try not to be alarmed at the high quality of these phone photos. I mean, they might blow your socks off. High- def! 

We had an AMAZING Thanksgiving this year! It was actually more of a  three-family-Friendsgiving this year, since all of our families were about a 26 hour drive away. And you know what? It was so great. Such great company, crazy kiddos, and about fifty-seven pounds of food.
Which, if you ask me: THANKSGIVING PERFECTION.

I love cooking for Thanksgiving. Something about being in a kitchen all day with things boiling and baking and steaming and such...it's just good for my heart. With the Macy's Day Parade in the background, and Boston and Jord wrestling, and Cam just bouncing away in his Johnny Jumper... it was a great morning.

And side note, for the first time in the history of McMurtrey Thanksgivings, I  made my mom's candied yams. And they were spot on!! Which is kind of a Thanksgiving miracle. Because those things are a process!

^^All of that food-watching wore the poor kid out.^^
Jordan saw this next picture and said (all concerned), "Uh, babe? Why is Tyson's hand on fire?"
And then I noticed it too. But alas! Don't be alarmed, it is just light from the window. But hey, it does look pretty rad!


^^I love foooooood.^^

And suddenly, after we had all stuffed ourselves and the kids had thrown their food around the room, the adults collapsed onto couches. And the kids began jumping and giggling and yell-chanting strange languages together. Aren't kids the weirdest? But super cute, at the same time? The circle of life. It's great.

^^Ow ow! He makes the post-Thanksgiving stretch look goooood.^^

^^accidental photo that turned out cuteish.^^

^^You know, a little yoga never hurt anyone.^^
And so. After a considerable amount of time laying on the couch, thinking things like "Whhhhhyyyy. Why do we do this every yeaaaar. I'm gonna hurrrrl" we decided that Hey! Let's eat pie! What a great idea,guys!

So we busted out NINE pies and some coconut bites and a giant tub of icecream. Because at this point, why not? I mean really. You just need to go all in.

^^Blurry pumpkin cheesecake deliciousness. ALICIA. This was amazing!^^

^^This boy. He has stolen my heart (in a true Dashboard Confessional fashion)^^

And little Boston, ooooh little Boston. The boy that proceeded to eat one bite of his Thanksgiving dinner, and had a "full tummy momma" was a HUGE fan of the pie. And ate like three pieces in thirty seconds. Because obviously. 

^^Sophie was cracking me up with these Mr. Potato Head glasses!!^^

And of course, a little sock'em bopping to finish off the night strong. Boston kept calling it "My SOCK!" and cried the whole way home for "MY SOCK, MOMMA! I NEED MY SOCK!!"

Poor kid. He has a rough life.

I don't know why we decided to take our Thanksgiving family photo in front of the microwave. I mean, really? That's the best you could do, Kelsey?

Yup, apparently it was. I'll blame it on the four pieces of pie getting to my brain. I don't know. But hey! Look at the babies! They're pretty stinking cute. (not to mention bearded Jordan. RAWR.)

What a great Thanksgiving. Seriously though, the day was perfect.

Not to mention the leftovers! Which, lets be honest, those are the best part.
I mean really. Sweats and turkey sandwiches for daayyyyys. That is the LIFE.

Thanks for a great Thanksgiving, Francises and Lees!
We are so lucky to have friends like you.

We missed you, families!! Hope we can see you turkeys soon.
(see what I did there? Turkeys. Thanksgiving. I'll stop now.)

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  1. Cute Cute! And, dude, your hair is getting SO long! I swear it grows like a crazy-fast vine {Jumanji, anyone?} and mine is more like . . . not a crazy-fast growing vine. And that's just plain rude. The end.