Christmas morning, 2013.

(Let's pretend that it's not already a whole new year, and that these were posted last week. Mmm kay pumpkin?)

You guys. Has anyone told you that it is the funnest thing in the world to get your kids presents for Christmas? If someone did tell you that, they were right. It is unbelievably rewarding. Seeing their reactions when they see a pile of presents...just for them?? It's so priceless. You don't even care about your own presents. It's that good.

^^Nothing can beat this face.^^

^^This picture is overly-flashed? I think? But hey. He's still cute.^^

Let's just take a minute and compare a couple of photos. Some of Camden from this Christmas (He's seven months), and the others from Boston's first Christmas (when he was five months old). I'm pretty sure they are brothers, by the looks of things.

Round 1: Obligatory bow-on-the-head photo
^^Cam Bam!^^

^^Tiny Bost!^^
Round 2: A striped-jammie photo op on Mom's lap. You know, because you've just gotta.

^^I love this Camden boy.^^


I know. Can we just talk about that craziness for one minute? I mean come on. How does this happen? I feel like you should be able to keep babies in their baby-state for as long as you like. Like, if you could freeze their wrist chub and soft baby hair and tiny toes... then I think I could feel okay about life.

Time is the fastest thing in the world right now. I'm serious. MAKE IT STOP.

Because now, Boston is huge! A two-and-a-half-year-old-with-an-opinion, type of guy. And says things like
"Momma! Rudolph bring me presents! TANKS RUDOLLLPH!" And it's stinking adorable.

 (He still refuses to acknowledge Santa. He is so scared of that bearded man.)

I love Christmas. This year was SUCH a great one!
We are so blessed.

Hope, uh, "Rudolph" came to your house this year with a lot of presents, too.

So until next Christmas, I guess.
Ho ho ho!


  1. Cute woman!!!!! What did you guys get for Christmas??? From Rudolph of course

  2. THESE WERE THE CUTEST PICTURES I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Yes. All-caps. That's how serious I am. You captured the moments perfectly!