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So, December.

It's almost over, and I can't even remember most of the month. How did this happen?? From the 15th on, it's all kind of a wrapping paper- sugar cookie- Santa sighting- three hour wal mart line- jingle bell singing blur. But a good blur! A super fun, family-filled, sugary, good blur.

And so, people of the internet, I have so much catching up to do. Hopefully before the new year hits! Bah. Don't hate.

But for now. Some exciting news!!

Right after I graduated in April, I found out that a piece I submitted to BYU-Idaho's art and literary journal was accepted for publication. I was thrilled! I just received a hard copy of the journal in the mail, and it was like Christmas! (actually, it was. Like, Christmas Eve, to be more specific.)

^^My poem, "It's Life"^^
It is so fulfilling to see my words in something other than my ripped up spiral notebook. And to know that my stuff is getting out there. It makes me want to bust a move to Ke$ha all night, you guys. I mean that's how happy I am about it.

And on that same vein! (The writing one...not the Ke$ha one.) Remember the art/ poetry collaboration I told you about, back here? Well, the project is still in action! We are continuing to work together and are so excited about our newest venture...A BOOK.

Guys, a book! Like a book that you buy and hold in your hands and look at and flip through. I can't WAIT! Lauren is an extremely talented artist, and I am so honored to be working alongside her for this awesome venture.

Jeffrey Barken, the editor who is behind this exciting collaborative effort, has been a huge inspiration with his recently published book, This Year in Jerusalem. I have a copy of my own, and I suggest you get one too. It's a series of short stories that will completely suck you in, and make you want to get on the next flight to Israel. (As if I needed something else to propel my desire to travel. Ha!)

And so. Hopefully I'll get cracking on some updated blog posts. And get caught up with laundry. And cleaning. And writing. And life. 

But in the mean time! You should read This Year in Jerusalem. (Find it here!)

And I will post more updations (?) (I don't even.) on the progress of my writing, hopefully soon!! 

Peace and blessin's.

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  1. Congratulations! What an exciting project to be a part of :)