writer's block-aaaaage.

So, I'm stuck.

You probably figured by the title of this post. But you know. Just thought I would hit you again with it. Guuuuuuyys. Does anybody out there have tips of cracking through writer's block? I'm really pushing to get a bunch of writing done, and I am hitting like a million brick walls everywhere I turn. Please tell me you know the feeling.

I kind of took it as a sign the other day when my computer started spontaneously combusting. I'm not even kidding a little bit. I was sitting there, feeling great about writing and animals and life, (I lied about the animals part. I just never want a pet. Is that so bad?)...when suddenly my computer literally started smoking. Like smoke was pouring out of the keys, the screen was blinking black and white, the whole bit.

Apparently the universe is against me. Or at least it wants me to suck at writing, is what I got from the whole ordeal.

But and so.

Someone once told me (probably a writing teacher? Thank you Mr. Spell!) that if you ever hit a point where you feel stuck, you should do a free-write to get the juices flowing again. You know, no pressure, no expectations, but just let your fingers fly on the keyboard and let whatever happens, happen.

So I'm doing that. Right now. Buckle up, kids, this could get cray-cray. (a new favorite hipster word I learned on instagram. Oh instagram, you old devil.)


-I just ate onions and now my hair and hands and actually, whole house smells like a huge onion bomb. Onions are the best, and the worst.

-Why do they have to put so many raisins in rasin bran? I ate a bowl this morning and had about a zillion raisins in my bowl in the end. I mean, raisins are fine. Don't get me wrong. But I think I might be turning into an old person because now I apparently prefer the bran to the raisin? I seems so rash writing it out like this, but I guess it's who I am now.

-I didn't know I had such strong opionions on raisin bran until I just wrote that.

-I want to move to the beach. (THIS WEATHER IS KILLING ME SLOWLY)

-I'm in a love-hate relationship with poetry right now. I love it, but I hate it, too. That didn't really clarify, I know. But it's just how it is right now.

-How did we live before netflix?

-We have approximately thirty-thousand baby toys all over our living room floor right now, and half of them are kitchen utensils. Camden prefers a spatula to a light-up, singing piano. What the? Babies are the weirdest.

-I feel like the biggest rebel when I leave dishes in the sink overnight. It was always a huge deal growing up to clean up dinner immediately, do all of the dishes, put them away, and then get on with life. And then suddenly, I am the grown-up. And I'd rather eat marshmallows and watch the Biggest Loser with Jord (I know, I know. I see the irony too. So sue me.) (I hate when people say "so sue me."). So boom. There's that.

-Speaking of Biggest Loser. DID ANYONE CRY DURING MAKEOVER WEEK?? I had legitimate tears. This is my first time watching a season of the Biggest Loser. Why did no one warn me about the emotions??? Oh, and don't even get me started on Parenthood. I am way too invested in the Braverman family right now. I can't even.

-I could really go for a frosty right now. Too bad I'm trying to be healthy.

Welp, I'm pretty sure that free-write got me nowhere. But as my little sister once wisely stated,


Peace and blessin's!

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