life afer the weekend.

Last weekend we went to Nashville and had the time of our lives. It was just one of those weekends where you get to escape from the real world and everything is easy for a couple of days. You know the type? Pure bliss.

But this post is not actually about Nashville. Mostly, its just me saying "Yo! We went to Nashville! And I'm behind on blogging. So don't be mad. And I'll post all about it soon. Mmm-kay pumpkin?"

In the mean time, here's one to melt your heart:

I was laying on the couch yesterday morning... trying my best to act alive and awake amidst this daylight savings shiz (can't we just leave the clock alone? For the love!), and Boston came and cuddled right up on me. He squeezed my un-make-upped cheeks and planted a big juicy kiss right on my face. Then he looked me and said, in his cutest lispy voice,

"Dis one's da pretty momma ever."

I know. I mean, I couldn't even handle it. MY HEART.

I'm lucky.

Like, THE luckiest.

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