Nashville! (Part I)

So, Nashville!

A little while ago I looked at Jord and stated that I NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE NOW OR I MIGHT GO CRAZY. Please tell me you understand the urgency in which this hits sometimes. Or I don't know, maybe I'm the only one that starts putting things through walls and re-naming my children because I'm so bored of my routine and I need something to breaaaak it uuuuuuup.

So we got online, booked a hotel, and to Tennessee we went! It was good for my soul. Just to have Jordan (school and work are eating him up these days), my teeny boys, and no commitments... it was the most perfect weekend. With tons of southern barbeque and actual sunshine and everything! Boom. The best.

The concept of a hotel was totally foreign and awesome for Boston. It wasn't his first time staying at a hotel, but it was the first time he realized that Hey! This is exciting! I'm somewhere that isn't my house... and it's the GREATEST! Everything just basically blew his two-year-old mind.

Like when I pulled his toothbrush out of his bag, he suddenly screamed in excitement and said,

"MOM! Dat's just like toofbrush at OUR house!!" (he thought the hotel just happened to have his exact Avengers toothbrush... like the one he had at home. Freaking cute.)

And then there was the pool. THE POOL! Every kid's perfect vacation probably just consists of that one thing. Okay, maybe that and cartoons in the hotel room. Boston pretty much asked if we could "Go simming, dad? Go simming now?" about every hour. Needless to say, we did an exceptional amount of swimming in two days.

The first night we were there, we went to an authentic barbeque joint that rocked my socks clean off. YOU GUYS. I love food. Basically, they gave us a tray full of barbequed meat piles as big as my head, ten different types of barbeque sauce, and said go to town. It was glorious. Smoky and tender and melt in yo' mouth good.

AND THE POTATO SALAD. Oh my gosh. That stuff is what dreams are made of. Seriously, the best I've ever had... only second to my Great Grandma Bellow's potato salad. Because duh.

Then we were driving and the sunset was killing me, so I took seventeen pictures of it on my phone-- obviously. I only stopped when Jord was like "Babe? Can you even see anything through our nasty windshield? Like, is that a good picture?" And the answer is: not really. But hey! It was a pretty sunset! And I'm trying to enjoy the little things.

Okay husband? Okay. I love ya.

(apparently I have conversations on my blog with imaginary Jordan now. Don't be alarmed. I'm probably just schizophrenic.)

Several people had told us to go to the Gaylord Opryland Resort, like urgently recommended it in the sense that if we didn't go, well then, you guys are losers, type of thing. (Did that sentence even make sense? Probably not.)

And so! We went to the resort the first night we were there, and okay! Coolest place ever. The resort felt like a mini town, complete with rivers and waterfalls restaurants and of course, GELATO SHOPS. Because hi. Gelato.

(These pictures are definitely the worst quality ever. Come on, iPhone! You old dog! But don't worry, we went back in the day time and got some better pictures later. You'll see.)

And then we found a part of the gardens that was set up like a Chinese pagoda, so I forced Boston to make karate chop noises and pose for a picture with me. He got SUPER into it. Like people were walking by as he was yelling "HIIIIYYAH!! BOOM! YAH!!" and were kind of scratching their heads. But it was cute.

^^Mesmerized by a water show^^

And so! That was a great time.

More Nashville pictures, coming up soon!

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