Nashville! (Part II: The Parthenon & Broadway Street)

We wanted to make sure we hit all of the major "touristy"attractions in Nashville, so we headed to the Parthenon bright and early on our second day there. I was kind of alarmed at how big it was. I guess I was expecting a mini-replica, or something? But it definitely was not mini. Apparently it's a full-scale model of the one in Athens. Who knew?

^^I LOVE HIM. And that beard...I mean, rawr.^^

It was so cool to see all of the sculpture replicas on top of the Parthenon, because we were actually able to see the REAL sculptures (from ancient Greece) back when we were in London! They have a bunch of the original sculptures at the British Museum, which was basically a trip highlight for me in England. (See more about it, here!)

So basically, the universe is telling me that I need to go to Greece now, is what I got from the whole ordeal. Because hello. DESTINY. And Gyros. A whole lotta Gyros. 

^^Welcome to pictures with Boston: the seventeenth edition^^
^^Just one of about three hundred photos Boston took of us. And Jord's legs. And my bum. More of those to come!^^
 Then we headed to a park to let Boston get some wiggles out, because you know. Two-year-olds need their wiggle time, yo! Also, the day was GORGEOUS. So that didn't hurt either!

After some intense slide-sessions at the park, we hopped back in the car and headed downtown to explore. We drove by Music Row (where all the recording studios are), past the CMT Music Hall, and past the Shelby Street Bridge... and you'd better believe we listened to country music through the whole process. Because when in Nashville, it's kind of a sin not to.

We stopped at Broadway Street to walk around, which was a total trip highlight for me. Basically it's just bar after bar of country singers playing guitars, singing their hearts out-- trying to get famous. So we waltzed in and out of bars and shops and listened to them, and it was so awesome. After we left, Boston kept saying "I wanna go to cowboy singers 'gain, mom! Let's go back a cowboy singers!"
^^Jord and his BFF, Dolly^^

^^"MOM! I got a coo Kitt-ar!"
The street lead right down to the Cumberland River, so we headed down to chillax for a bit and eat some goldfish crackers. (Toddler snacks all around. What-what?)

Sitting by the river with my little family was one of my favorite parts of our weekend. I know I keep saying "This was my favorite!" "No, THIS was my favorite!" ...but THIS. This really was. I don't know why. It wasn't like anything spectacular happened, but it was just a perfect moment. I had my boys, the sun was shining on my (extremely pale) face, the water was rushing by... I mean really. It was perfect.
^^Excuse me for a second while I eat his fat toes. Okay thanks.^^

And lastly, a washed-out family photo! Because of course!

At this point in our day, we were basically pooped. We had been walking and walking, we were famished, and on a scale of one to sweaty, we were off the charts. But still happy! I was just so content. Because really, life was/ is so good.

The end.

Ok, not really.
One last round of Nashville pictures, coming soon!

(and a video is in the works!)

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