Nashville! (Part III: The wrap-up)

I feel like food is a big part of a vacation. It's like, you mean I don't have to cook at all and we can stuff our faces for three days straight and not feel guilty about it?? YES! Sign me up for that!

Ahhh. Vacations are glorious. So when we were in Nashville, of course we took every opportunity possible to eat southern comfort food. Mashed-potatoed, fried, homemade bliss. HELLO. Some of the best food ever.
^^Why does he look 16 here???^^
^^Look at that massive chicken fried steak. And that husband that wants to kill me. "JUST LET ME EAT MY FOOD, WOMAN!"^^
^^Happy Cam! Being blinded by the flash! Again! (whoops)^^
On our last morning in Tennessee, we hit up the Grande Ole Opry grounds. It's one of those places that you always hear about, so it's cool to go and actually see where all of the country stars perform! I was hoping to catch Keith Urban and be like "Oh hey, funny meeting you here! Want to serenade me now?" but no luck. No Keith's or Carries or Dollys in sight. 
^^Please note Boston's "rockin' out" tongue. THE CUTEST.^^

Then we headed to the Gaylord Opryland Resort (it's right next to the Grand Ole Opry) for one last time. We wanted to see it in the daytime, and also, gelato. WE FORGOT GELATO LAST TIME. And we needed gelato. Because don't you always?
^^He is the cutest dad ever. I mean come on.^^
^^He had a reeeeaal hard time sharing his 'ice-keem.' But I can't blame him. I could probably eat it every day. Oh wait, I usually do. Never mind.^^

As we were finally on the road, I was like "CRAP! Jord! We didn't get a souvenir!!" and I could visibly see his face fall. Because let me clue you in on something: I'm kind of a nut job. Let's talk about this for a tiny sec. Whenever we go somewhere new, I  turn into a raging maniac about finding the perfect souvenir... and it's usually at the least convenient time.  Like, the kids are having level 5 meltdowns in the backseat, everyone's hungry, everyone's tired... but I have to find a danged souvenir. Right that minute. And it has to be the PERFECT one for our collection. And cheap, it has to be cheap.

Please tell me I'm not the only person that does this. 

I mean, poor Jord. He get's stuck with me in moments like this, but bless his wonderful heart, he does everything to help me find one. No matter what. Seriously, he is the best husband I've ever had.

Soooo, long story short (who am I kidding. This story was not short at all. Wrap it up already!), we ended up going to five nasty gas stations on our way our of town...looking for some kind of "Nashville" souvie. And lo and behold, the fifth and final gas station was the only one with ANY kind of souveneirs that weren't, uh, bongs or lighters. So whallah! A cheap mug it was.

And then we went home.

I love Nashville.

Amen. And the End.

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