Hijacked phones and blurry photos.

You know those iPhone photo dumps that happen every other week? Like suddenly you go, oh crap! I used up all my memory again... guess it's time for a giant purge. And then you go and fill your jump drive to max capacity?

Well, I kind of love those times. I always seem to find a zillion pictures that didn't make the Instagram cut, if you know what I mean, because of the blurriness or the off-centered-ness or the whateverness... but are actually pretty great. Ah, if only I could just post all the pictures on instagram every day. But alas, that would be insta-suicide. So what's a girl to do but post a million blurry phone pics to the blog?? Hash tag: firstworldprobz.

(That may have been the worst paragraph I've ever written. Moving on.)

Here are some of the best from my recent photo purge! (I'll give you a wild guess who stole my phone for the first few. And I kind of love them a lot. I mean, husbands and babies! They get me every time.)

I'm telling you, the blurry ones are where its at. Aren't the best moments of life just kind of like that? Not perfectly centered, not perfectly posed.... just REAL. And probably blurry. Yeah, especially with kids. Definitely blurry.

And those are the best moments in my book.

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