A day at the Cincinnati Zoo!

We love going to the zoo. I feel like it doesn't matter if you're five or fifty-- you can always count on the zoo to provide some good, clean fun... and a whole lotta' animal poop.
Our friends, the Nickells, invited us to go with them to the Cincinnati Zoo a couple of weeks ago. It was seriously a blast! Boston and Cora ran around together holding hands, eating each other's snacks, and pointing out animals. Basically it was the most romantic first date ever. (Well... as romantic as it can be with both sets of parents present. Ha!)

We've taken Boston to the zoo several times before this one. A couple of times in Idaho (here and here) and once in Belgium (here), but he has never been old enough to really understand slash remember the experience. I mean, he had fun when we went before, but THIS TIME. You guys. THIS TIME he was in heaven. And he has not stopped talking about it for weeks now. It's the best!!

We'll be mid-dinner conversation and he will suddenly yell, "Mom! Dad! 'Member the zoo? Wiff Cora? And da bears and big tigers and dat monkey wiff a baby? I YUB DAT ZOO!"

It's the cutest thing ever.

And now! A million pictures!!  Oh and side note, it was like 80 degrees and sunny for weeks... and then (of course) it dropped to 50 and cloudy on the day we went to the zoo. Kind of frigid. But hey! It meant that we had the whole place to ourselves...which was totally worth it.
^^The dads + their kiddos. HEART MELTER.^^
^^I kind of wanted to kidnap the baby giraffe and take it home. Is that weird? Probably.^^
^^I mean, how cute are these two??^^
^^Sometimes I get jealous when he's on dates. And I have to reclaim him with a selfie.^^
This penguin was enthralled with Boston. It followed him along the fence, and he was just tickled by the gesture. That is, until he smelled it.

 "MOM!" he said, "Dis penguin yikes Boston! ...but he's kinda stinky. How 'bout go see some more animals. Kay?"

The petting zoo was basically field trip central. I'm not exaggerating when I say that every child in Kentucky under the age of ten was crammed into a bathtub sized pen...with 20 goats. It was a serious madhouse!!

I was a great spouse and forced Jordan to go in with Boston, while I kept my distance and snapped some pictures. You know, because I'm selfless like that.
^^I'd say their date was going well... wouldn't you?^^
Another great moment was when I asked Sara to snap a picture of the two of us in a pretty green area with a bridge, and realized (as I was editing these photos) that there happened to be a monkey perched right above my head. Apparently I'm totally oblivious to the animals at the zoo. Ha!.

The best moment of the day, HANDS DOWN, is when we dared our husbands to ride the giant turtle together. We were laughing so hard we were crying.

"Mom," Boston said, "Why daddy on that turtle? And Cora's daddy, too?" Haha! He was legitimately concerned. Hilarious.

^^I love this baby. AND THAT DIMPLE. Come on, now.^^

Boston and Cora were expert map readers by the end of the day. They were pointing to things and speaking to each other in jibberish, and they would very adamantly tell us if we were ever going the wrong way. Cutest. Ever.
^^"Mom," Boston said, "Dat lion no eat me?"
Boston's favorite thing of the whole zoo was the polar bear exhibit. He LOOOOOVED it. He still talks about it almost every day. And I have to admit, it was a pretty impressive one! We got to see the polar bears swimming, playing, and running around. A whole lot better then their usual post in the back of a cave. ("See that little white speck over there? That's a polar bear!"...is never fun. Ha!)
^^If they don't look like father and son here... I mean look at them!^^
And here are my favorite zoo photos ever.

But seriously.

It was such a fun day.

And then, my kids crashed hardcore in the car. Heads bobbing, snoring, drooling...the whole bit.

And that, my friends, is how you know it was a great day.

Thanks, Nickells!! We had a blast.

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