Camden's first birthday!

It's amazing how fast one year can come and go. I feel like I was just waking up Jordan to say "BABE. This is it. Take me to the hospital!!"... and little Camden Race was born. 

And then suddenly? Suddenly my baby is grinning and crawling and eating cheerios off the ground (older brothers have the besssst table scraps!). I mean really though. SLOW DOWN, TIME! You are killing me with this 'growing up' business. Hashtag babies4life!

But seriously. How does a baby go from this...

...to this??
In just a year!!?

 It's just amazing. I mean, with the first kid, I feel like things are fairly normal. You mark down every mile stone, remember every step taken, know every detail about their habits....etc. But when the second baby comes along?? Fugettaboutit.

The doctor starts asking me things at his one-year appointment like "So, when did he start eating solid foods?"
and I'm like, "Uhhhh, four months? Oh shoot, maybe that was Boston."
So they're like, "Okay, what about sleeping? When did he start sleeping through the night?"
and I say, "Uhhhh, a couple of months ago? Or, maybe it was a couple of weeks ago?"
So then they start saying things like, "Okaaaayyy, maybe writing it down would be a good idea?"

Because hi. Mom brain. It's a thing, people!! You can't expect me to remember these details when I have more than one baby to keep track of! Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this.

But anyways (wow. That was a tangent!) .We decided to celebrate our little chubster with a few friends, and some cake and ice cream. Because any chance to pound the sugar, you know? Birthdays are the besssst.

(And lookout below for iPhone photos! A bunch of blurry ones, comin' 'atcha quick!)

I made Camden a giant blue cake, because the messier, the better. At first he didn't quite know what to do with it... and by "at first", I mean the first three seconds. Then he dove in with full force and never looked back.

Nakie baby cake party!!
^^Proof that Boston was there, too.^^
Camden, I am so happy you came into our family. You are the happiest, most content little boy, and not to mention you have the freaking cutest dimples on the earth. I love your fuzzy head, your little gap-toothed smile, and your big brown eyes. I love that you have tan lines in your chubby arm rolls, and I love that you follow Boston wherever he goes. You are mellow, and so so cuddly. You are the sweetest baby ever. 

You are such a light!

^^We love this kid. Smurf face and all.^^

Happy birthday, little man. 
I love you!

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  1. I'm the same way! I totally called the boys by the wrong name....it's starting. You have the cutest little family. I love that we both have little boys.