A visit from the grandparents!

A few weeks ago, my parents flew in to see us and the babies. The boys are in absolute heaven when we have visitors, and especially when the visitors are "Gumpa and Gomma," as Boston calls them. It is like constant show and tell when they are around.

"GOMMA! See my house? See, dats Camden! Deres Dad! See my cool fast shoes?"

"GUMPA! See my baseball? Heres my mitt! Wanna play catch wiff me?? I SO GOOD at baseball!"

It is hilarious. And adorable. Basically I'm just smitten with my two year old.
Is that weird? Okay good.

Anyways, we went to a Legends baseball game here in Lexington, and Boston was on cloud nine. The baseball players, the stands, the being out past his bedtime, the cotton candy, the grandparents... basically nothing could bring him down.
^^...sorry Mom. And nice belly, Cam.^^
^^I mean, and this guy was my date. Rawwwr.^^
^^Nothing could've made them happier.^^
^^This baby adores his daddy. So precious.^^
^^My brown-eyed, brown-skinned, hunk of burning love.^^
While they were here, we went on plenty of walks through the gorgeous Kentucky trees, played at the park, and fed a whoooole lotta' bread to the ducks. And to the babies. The boys love to eat!

^^"A bite for duckie, a bite for me. A bite for duckie...nudder bite for me."^^
^^How I love this tiny superhero.^^
^^"I wub you, Gomma.^^
^^Camden's latest obsession: Stunna' shades. He kind of rocks them.^^

We felt like we needed to give my parents a REAL Kentucky food experience, and then we were like, Crap. We don't know where to go for that. And so we called up our friends that are native to Kentucky, and they recommended the best place called Wallace Station.

It was awesome, slash in the middle of nowhere. The burgers were huge, the live bluegrass music was great, and the giant desserts were the bomb. An all around success, in my book! We will definitely take visitors there again. (Hint hint...come visit us, people!)
^^If you go there, PLEEEEAASE get the giant Nutella fudge brownie. AMAZING.^^
And now for one crazy mom + Boston photo, and then some baby selfies. Because I mean, BABY SELFIES. Baby double chins, baby drool, tiny baby teeth... all up in yo' face. Is there anything better in the whole universe? No there is not.
^^He shouldn't be so bashful about his selfies. Hey dude, you're a cute baby.^^
And then, it was time for the grandparents to head back home again. And Boston was one sad puppy. Weekends with visitors always fly the fastest! Bost kept saying,

"Dey no go back home. How bout come to Boston's house tomollow, kay?"

Thanks for coming, Mom & Dad! We loved having you.
Come see us again soon!

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