Bostonisms, as of late.

Boston. Oh, our little Boston biscuit. Seriously, I just don't even know where he gets the things he says. He is constantly making us laugh our heads off. We just look at each other and say, "What the. Did he really just say that?"

He keeps us on our toes, that one. And I love it. Here are some of my favorite Boston quotes from the last little bit.

While we were sitting down for dinner, Jordan said, "Oh man, Cam. You have a booger face!"
Boston didn't miss a beat and said, "Haha. Daddy need to sit in time-out. He say potty words."
On a walk at the park...
Boston: "I need a phone, mom. Where my phone is?
Me: "You don't have a phone, buddy. You're only two."
Boston: "Oh, okay. Maybe Santa bring me one."
After crying about seeing a scary bug (a fruit fly)...

Boston: "Mom, {sniff sniff} I need a tissue for my tears."
Me: "Okay, here you go. Is that better?"
Boston (after wiping his tears): "Yep. How do I look?"

One night, he was cradling his Elmo doll like a baby. So I asked him, "Oh, do you like babies, Bost?"
"Ummm," he said, "I like big boys eeben better."
Me: "It's hot today! Isn't it, Boston?"
Boston: "Yeah, I sweaty. It kinda muggy out here."
^^Goob status. I love it.^^
Boston: "Hey Dad? I wanna go outside and play."
Jord: "You know what pal, we have to stay inside and clean for a little bit."
Boston: "WHAT?? NO! Dat no make any sense!"

And my favorite...

"Hey Mom? I wub you. Jesus Christ, AMEN."

Have I mentioned that I stinking LOVE THIS BOY? 
Just checking.


  1. So, so, so cute! My favorite would have to be his "how do I look?" bit-- AND his goober picture. I was dying! Love the Bostonism series! Keep em coming!

  2. oh my gosh!! This little guy is hilarious!! These are awesome! I love it when you post these. Also, may I have a request... more videos please:)