Four years together!

A couple of days ago, Jord and I hit the four year mark of being married. FOUR YEARS, people. It basically blows my mind because A) it feels like we've been together waaaaay longer than that (as in, was I ever single? and the answer is yes. Yes I was.), and B) four years has flown by. Like, FLOWN BY.

I know you're like Calm it with the ALL CAPS, woman! but I just can't help it. Because saying yes when this man proposed to me four and somewhad years ago was the best thing I have ever done. Hands down.
Being married is just the best.

To celebrate year numero cuatro we went to an awesome new place with a name that I always forget. Hold on... let me google it...

...Coba Cocina. That's it. Apparently it's a confusing name...because I honestly have to think about it for five minutes before I can remember it. But wow, let's talk about the food. That part was not confusing at all. It was AMAZING. I got the shrimp diablo tacos, which blew my socks clean off. And Jord got the brisket tacos, which were equally delicious. YUM.

And p.s. there was a massive jellyfish tank in the middle of the restaurant. Which was so cool and completely mesmerizing. I told Jord, "Hey babe, we should get some jellyfish for the house." But he was like, "Uhhh, no" ...like it was a completely irrational idea or something.  I mean, #partypooper.
^^I love this man. Like, a ridiculous amount of love here, people.^^
^^I'm drooling right now. UH-mazing.^^

Happy anniversary, babe! 

I love you. And our life. 
Wanna kiss?

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  1. LOVE IT! congrats girl! You have a beautiful amazing family that you both should be very proud of!