Bostonisms, as of late.

My Boston boy turned three on Sunday. THREE. How did that happen?? Where have three years gone? You guys. It's killing me that he is that old. KILLING ME.

I'll recap his birthday in another post, but meanwhile, as I sit here and lament Boston's fleeting childhood (I know, I'm dramatic, okay. I mean, really Kelsey? Calm down.)... I will tell you some things he has said lately that have left us rolling. Because this child. He's pretty hilarious.

While watching me eat some shrimp tacos for lunch, he said, "Mom, dat's bug food."

(When Jord was at school): "Mom, daddy not here? He probbee just going potty."

"Okay Bost, we're going to Texas Roadhouse for Dinner! I think you'll like it-- you can throw peanuts on the floor!"
"Ohhhhh! I lub it! And dey hab elephants there??"

At dinner one night...
"Boston, you have to sit at your chair until all of your food is gone."
(Slaps hand to forehead)
"Ah man, I hate dis."

Camden: "Dada dada dada!"
Boston: "Hey mom? Why Camden say dadadada?"
Me: "Camden calls dad, 'Dada'! What do you call him?"
Boston: "Uh, I caw him George."

While walking in the park, there was a man walking towards us in a superman shirt. Boston suddenly yelled out, "Heyyy! Superman! I yike your shirt!"
(The guy didn't respond and kept walking)
Boston: "Ah man! Dat guy not eeben talk to me!"

"Hey mom? Dere's no toof-brushes at da zoo."
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah. Own-wee animals and alligators."

"Hey Boston, do you like hair cuts?"
"No. I yike zurbers though."

"Hey mom? We goin' to shoot da ducks?"
"Uh, no buddy. We don't shoot animals."
"But mom! Nephi shoot animals!"
(Uhhh, how do I argue with that??)

One particularly flaming hot day, after scootering around the neighborhood...
Me: "Boston! Your head is so sweaty!"
Bost: "Dank you. Your welcome. Me too."

And finally...

While hugging me yesterday, he suddenly leaned over and whispered into my ear,
"Mom, you're sooooo powerful."


I mean, this kid!! I have no idea where he gets half of the things he says.
 Boston, you're pretty weird. But you're cute, so you can stay.

Birthday recap! Comin' up quick!