A Family Portrait.

{The McMurtrey family, Summer 2013}
The internet is a glorious thing. And before you say anything, yes. I know. It can be terrible and evil and soul-sucking and distracting and whatever, but it can also lead us to amazing things/ people that we would never have found otherwise. And for that, I am so grateful! In this case, the world wide web lead me to the fabulous and in-SANE-ly talented Jessi from Hopes and Dreams. You guys. This girl is off the hizz-ay. She did this watercolor portrait of my family, and I basically want to marry it.  Is it not perfect?? (Yes. It is.)

I mean, Boston, with his little baseball hat and Captain America shirt? And Camden's chunkalicious legs? And Jord's beard???? I cannot stop dying over here. Dying dying dying.

If we're being honest, I take at least one million pictures every day (as if you didn't know that already). I'm always shoving my camera/ phone in my babies faces... just trying to capture their personalities because they grow and change SO MUCH. So I love that this portrait by Jessi captures my whole family, as it is right now. All of us together, in this phase of our life. There is just a beauty and stillness in the simplicity of a watercolor portrait that I can never get enough of, so this painting of my family is just precious to me. 

And so! The moral of the story is that you should probably enlist Jessi to do a custom portrait of your family, too. I will always cherish mine. For "ebber and ebber," as my little Boston nugget would say.

>>You can find Jessi here or here (click on the contact tab to get in touch)! She charges $40 for a portrait of two, plus $5 for every additional person/ animal. Now go go go!<<

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