Date night: A Cincinnati Reds Game!

Ahhh, date nights. There is nothing better.

We usually decide rather dramatically that we need a date. Like, things are going all fine and peachy, and then we have our five-hundreth conversation of the week that looks like this:

Jord: "Hey, did I tell you about that project I'm working on at school?"
Me: "No! What is it-- BOSTON! Put down the laptop-- sorry babe, what was it?"
Jord: "It was really cool, we just--"
Boston: "Dad! Dad! DAD! DAAAAAAAAD!"
Jord: "What Bost?"
Bost: "I went potty today."
Jord: "Oh coooool! Okay, can I talk to Mommy now, please?"
Boston: (starts running in circles in in his underwear)
Jord: "So I got to work with this group--"
Me: "Boston! Pleeeaaaaaase stop hitting the TV with a baseball bat. Sorry Jord, you were saying?"
Jord: "It's just this project where--"
Me: "CAM! Oh no, Camden's eating bunny poop!!"
Boston: (starts doing flips off the couch)

Jord: "WE NEED A DATE!!"

...and that's how it's decided. We know that if we don't book a sitter immediately so that we can have a conversation like normal humans, our heads will explode. Because children! They are such cute little beans, but is it not AMAZING to look at your spouse on a date and say, "Hey! I remember you. And you're pretty fun!" (and sometimes even kiss)?? It's pure luxury, I tell you.

So when Jord found tickets for a screaming deal to a Reds game, we were sold! It was amazing to drive to Cincinnati and just talk about life. I love that man.
^^I love when you come around the bend, and BOOM! Cincinnati skyline.^^

We walked across the Roebling Bridge (actually more like RAN across. We are always late.) to get to the game, and I made Jord pause and take a few pictures with me. We were there right at sunset, and it was so gorgeous. I'm a sucker for bridges and sunsets. But duh. Isn't every woman?? So romantic.

Apparently Jord wanted to make it to the game, or something, because he wasn't as thrilled about the photo-opp as I was. But he was a good sport.
^^The stadium sits right on the water. It's awesome!^^
At the stadium we met up with some of our good friends from Utah, the Smiths! We love these guys. Hannah and I go waaaaay back, so we were PUMPED when they told us they were moving to Louisville for Dental School. We couldn't wait to double and watch some baseball. 

For the most part, me and Hannah were basically oblivious to the game. Because hello! We were extremely busy talking about life and photography and birth and such. You know, your basic ball-game chatter. 
It's a good thing our husbands were into the game, so they didn't seem to mind too much. 

We'll take all the double dates we can get with these two!!
^^Matching floral buddies. Totes presh.^^
^^and then we paid $8 for these crappy nachos, which were actually really tasty. So confusing.^^
^^I kind of like this guy. And he also loves baseball... a lot.^^

And then there were fireworks.

So we made-out on the bridge. (It's cool, we're married.)

The end.

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