This is real life.

I love Sundays.

The week usually flies by in a blur of laundry and mac n' cheese and park swinging and baseball playing chaos, so when Sunday comes, I'm like, COME TO ME. I just need to regroup and such, you know, so I don't throw one of my children into the duck pond. Because let's be honest, I've been tempted by the thought. (I kid, I kid.) (maybe)

Especially after weeks like this one. YEESH. It was a doozy. I won't bore you with the details, but the highlights went a little something like

-child number two grinds graham crackers into the carpet
-child number one unfolds all of the laundry and throws it all over the living room while yelling, "SCORE! SCORE!!"
-child number one squirts an applesauce pouch onto the carpet and makes a beautiful, modern-style painting 
-children one & two join forces and unload the dirty dishes from the dishwasher all over the kitchen floor
-child number two throws my iPhone into the toilet (iPhone did not survive the incident)

Sooooo, yep. I had several moments this week where I had to step outside and just breathe. Just get myself together, and chant to myself "I love my kids I love my kids I love my kids" while sweating to death until I could go back inside a pleasant human again. But its the weirdest thing. As mad as my children make me, the second I get a dimpled smile from Cam, or a big bear "I wub you, mom" from Boston... I am butter. A big, gushy butter pile. I love them so much that it just makes me crazy!!

GAH. These tiny humans. They make me furious, and then they turn around and make me swoon. What is this madness?? Hash tag: themomlife. 

And now, for one thousand attempts at a cute photo in front of our house before church. Because of course!

^^CAMDEN RACE! You slay me, child!^^
^^Got one!! And only after thirteen attempts! I'd call it a win.^^
^^This man is my sanity.^^
Happy Sunday, friends!

Also, my scarf is from Jacob's Scarves! Every scarf purchased goes towards helping a child receive an education. So go go go! They are the cutest scarves ever. 

My current favorites are here and here... but I basically want them all.

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