When babies grow up. {published!}

This morning, I sat for a while and watched Camden chase a red balloon around the house. His little chubby fingers stretched out, his bare feet running as fast as they could, his mouth stretched into a perfect gap-toothed grin. I watched him as I ate breakfast, and I suddenly realized that my baby was no longer a baby. It hit me with such force, and I immediately thought No! No! Just stay little. Please-- you can't already be at the toddler stage. You are supposed to be my tiny baby... forever.

I think every mother has this realization hit them at some point, and for me, it was today. And I was sad.

I know that one day, probably sooner than I think, I won't be waking up to these little children. I will be waking up to teenagers, to older versions of my kids that can have full conversations with me about driving and dating and their favorite basketball team. And I think I will love that stage.

But for now, I will do my best to keep my kids small. Because this stage is pretty magical.


To read more of my thoughts on this subject, read my short essay entitled "Words to the Graduates: Through Their Eyes",  here! (I entered it into a contest on a whim, and it won! Check it out, if you have a second.)

And now, photos of my babies.

{Boston, one day old; July '11}
{Camden, two months old; July '13}
{Boston, one week old; August '11}
{Camden, four months old; September '13}
{Camden, three days old; May '13}


  1. Love it Kels! You make cute babies! HAVE MORE! ;)

  2. Your essay made me cry! Love you Kels! Also I love your sweet little boys!!

  3. Awesome, lady! You've got serious skills and make me strive to be a better mother!