Jacobson Park! {Hometown Hidden Gems}

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Ah, the great outdoors.

There's just something about getting outside. When you're feeling like you live in crazy-town and and you might DIE unless you do something with your life immediately... sometimes all it takes is stepping outside, and the world doesn't seem so terrible anymore. It seems like duh! That's such an obvious thing, Kelsey. But guys. There are days when I let myself get trapped into thinking that I can't go ANYWHERE or do ANYTHING until my house is perfectly spotless and I'm looking my finest. Or until my kids are perfectly dressed and squeaky clean and smiling like little angels.


But it doesn't always work like that. Because obviously! If we're getting real, there are days when I have to just throw them in the car, leave the giant pile of mess in my house for a while, and GET OUTSIDE. I just feel SO much better when I do. And then I can function properly again for the rest of the day without having a major breakdown. (Please tell me I'm not the only person like this. Because crazy-town parties are so much better together.) 

But and so! One of the BEST parks in Lexington, in my humble opinion, is Jacobson Park (you might remember it from this post). It's kind of off the beaten path, and by off the beaten path, I mean it's not a five minute walk from my house. But it is the bomb!

Aside from their obsession with the wooden "castle park", my kids are equally obsessed with the lake. They freak out over the millions of ducks, and Boston loves watching the fishermen on the shore. He will see them and yell, "MOM! DEY GET SISHEES? I WANNA SEE DEM!" I'm sure the fishermen think its awesome that he scares away all of their fish...but hey. At least he's cute!

There are some paddle boats that you can rent for super cheap, and paddle yo' selves around the lake. We haven't done it yet, but it's on the list! (So many things are on the list. I need to get crackin'. Summer is slipping away from me!!!!)
^^check out that concentration. He dominated those monkey bars!^^
^^we are goobers. But we're in love, so that's good.^^
One of my favorite parts of the park is the giant expanse of grass where my boys can run. We have very little yardage at home, so when we come here, we just let them go. And they're kind of in heaven.

And then, of course, we always have to do a little golf practice. Because Boston is my son. And he's obsessed with every sport imaginable. And you know what? He's getting pretty stinking good! (I'm not biased at all. Mothers are never biased.)

In any case, I love this next series of photos. It totally depicts my two children and their different personalities.
^^THE INTENSITY of my Boston child. He means business.^^
So there you have it! Jacobson Park. It is gorgeous, and definitely makes our top three parks in Lexington. Which, hey, is a pretty competitive list (Kentucky parks are the bommmb)! 

If you are here, you must go.  Soon!

(More info on the paddle boat rentals, below!)

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