Family photos with the McMurtrey bunch!

We had such a fun time with the McMurtreys in town. Since it's a rare thing to get everyone together, we decided to get some family pictures while they were here.

Let's be honest for one moment, shall we? Family photos are not for the faint of heart. It's always a process to get everyone (the babies) smiling and cooperating, and everyone (the babies) sitting in one place for more than two seconds.There's always a mass amount of goldfish and fruit snack bribery involved... but in my opinion, the end result is always worth it!!

We had some awesome photographers, and they captured some perfect images of our rowdy bunch. Here are a few of my faves!

And hi. I cannot get over these photos of my babies.

^^We interrupt Boston's rap session to bring you a sibling portrait.^^
^^Heart eye emojis!!^^
^^This is SO Boston. Pants falling down, loving the spotlight, doing a crazy dance. I LOVE HIM.^^
^^I love this happy Cam-Bam.^^
^^Darling Cam and Grandma in the front... screaming, flailing Bost and Mommy in the back. Classic.^^
^^I love my family. And Boston's ever-present baseball bat.^^
^^And him. I love him the very most.^^
^^I have the greatest in-laws!^^

And then these baseball photos happened... and, MY GOSH. I can't even handle how cute they are.

The McMurtrey boys are HUGE into baseball, and obviously Boston is just a tad obsessed with it too... so these pictures were a must. And hello. Cutest things of my life.

(Have I ever told you that sometimes Boston will start running around in frantic circles outside yelling, "Boston boy! Baseball boy! Boston boy! Baseball boy! Woo hoooooooo!!" ? Because he does that all the time. And yeah, it's just as awesome as it sounds. I love that kid's confidence.)
^^I mean, really though. I die.^^
I am so glad we got these photos taken. The lush Kentucky green made a perfect backdrop, the babies smiled their little hearts out (they were good sports!), and everything turned out so great. We will cherish these photos with the Mac family forever. Especially our photos with Great-Grandpa Mac. Or as Boston calls him, "Grampa Grape!" :-)

I sure lucked out in the in-law department. I love this family!

{Thank you, Gerald & Sarah, for taking our photos! You two are amazing. If anyone needs photos in Lexington, let me know and I'll hook you up! I would highly recommend these guys! We just love them.}


  1. These pictures are beautiful Kelsey! You have the cutest family and you have great looking in-laws. All around these pictures are all great. My favorite is still Boston's rap session one. SO funny!

  2. Love all if these!! You're gorgeous Kelsey! I used to call my great grandpa "gramps grape" too!

    1. Thanks McCall!! I love that you called your grandpa that too! So funny!!

  3. So fun! Those baseball ones really are epic :) The one with everyone's bums would be awesome blown up in Boston's room!