The Reds vs. The Rex Sox! {Mac family visit, part II}

One of the highlights of our week with the McMurtrey family was when we headed to Cincinnati for a baseball game. It was SO MUCH FUN. We sat up in the stands eating nachos and watching the game, and it was just a perfect, all-American afternoon.

Boston had stars in his eyes the entire time. It is basically the cutest thing ever to talk to him about baseball. He is obsessed. I mean, he is three and he knows more than I do about it! Okay, not really. (But probably.)

Jord and I thought for sure we would be trekking kids in and out of the game the whole time (because you know, those wiggly babies don't like to sit still), but we actually made it through the whole game. It was a Christmas miracle!!

The walk across the bridge to the Reds stadium is always my favorite part. The view is just breathtaking! (as long as I don't look up. fear of heights! fear of heights!)

^^Complete with steamboat ferry. So perfect!^^
^^I mean, when at the ball park. Right?^^
^^Camdens face: "Whoochoo talkin' bout, Willis?"^^
I am only a little bit obsessed with these close-ups I took of my chubby children.


I cannot even begin to get over their cheeks. SO YUMMY.
^^Their jerseys were killing me with cuteness. Thanks Grandma Mac!^^
^^Nothing screams AMERICA like munching on fries at the ball park.^^
^^Cam loves his Grandma Mac!^^
When the kiss-cam came on, Bost just started cracking up. He thought it was the most hilarious thing ever! Suddenly, he said, "Hey mom! Kiss-cam wiff ME!!"

And he planted a big juicy one right on my lips. And it was awesome. I love that kid!

Uncle Kadan kept Camden entertained by tossing him into the air for a good part of the game. Cam was loving the attention! And Kadan was a good sport.

I mean, that had to be a workout. Camden is definitely no lightweight!
^^Boston, on cloud 9.^^

What an awesome day at the ball park!

Boston will talk about this game for at least a hundred years (or more!). The boy loves baseball. Thanks for a fun afternoon at the ball park, Mac Fam!!

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