Labor day weekend, 2014.

We had such a fun Labor Day weekend!!! So much fun that I'm about to bombard you with a thousand photos. Gird your loins!

You know, I wish that all days were holidays. That way you could eat all day, lounge in your jammies, eat jars of nutella with a spoon... and not feel bad about it. That would be the life.

But anyways! Labor day was so great. And we did actually do things besides eat chocolate in our pajamas (though we might have done that too). Here's the breakdown!


We put the briquettes to good use and had some friends over for a bbq. It's always a blast to get together and let the kids run wild, barefoot and carefree, in the parking lot. I mean, is there a better way to send off summer??
^^yep, still dying over this moment.^^
^^That bottom lip!^^


We went downtown to get pictures with a giant Abraham Lincoln mural (because of course!) and play in the awesome splash pad we'd heard about. But, uh, that didn't exactly pan out. Ha! We found out (rather quickly) that the so-called "splash pad" was actually a festering shallow fountain... littered with random plastic utensils and beer bottles... and was mostly surrounded by Lexington's homeless population. So basically the most inviting thing you can think of.

Yeah, we passed that option up pretty quick. Ha!

We opted to get our photos with the awesome-giant-honest-psychadellic-Abe, and then hit up the farmer's market! (a much more kid-friendly option. With much less risk of dysentery. Squinty-eye-tongue out emoji!)
^^The thing is HUGE! Look how tiny and ant-like we are!^^
^^Photo cred: Boston McNizzle^^
^^Farmer's market peaches. I WANT YOU.^^
^^The fountains at triangle park! Always a favorite, until the kids realize they can't jump in.^^


We went to church! And I wrangled Sunbeams (my class of four year olds), while Jord wrangled our cute, bow-tied, 16 month old Camden. The little wiggle worm makes basically everything church-related impossible. But guys, it's not that we're counting down until nursery at all. We would never do that. Merp!

When I asked Boston what he learned about in nursery (his little three year old class), he said, "I learn about sishy crackers (goldfish), and I learn about bowling. And my teacher say, 'no punch dat kid.'" So yeah! I'd say he's getting the basics down pretty well. (embarassed red-cheek emoji)

Then we all took naps, and then we played some baseball. Obviously.

^^Kiss marks on a squishy cheek.^^


Labor day! A bunch of friends in our ward have a tradition of driving out to Paris, Kentucky to Reed Valley Orchard for some apple picking. All apples are half price on Labor day, so you really can't beat the price. Plus, hello. So much fun! Not to mention the drive out was insanely beautiful. Horse farms, trees everywhere, just to die for. (I LOVE YOU KENTUCKY.)

My boys were running from tree to tree, ripping apples off left and right. I literally did not pick a single apple, and we came home with two bags full. Child labor for the win! (guys, not really. It was a bad joke. I know.)

But we had a blast!
^^SO GREEN. Have I mentioned that I love Kentucky? Just once or twice?^^
^^POW! (That was my heart exploding.)^^
^^I can't even... that face!!^^
^^Skip the apples, I'll just eat my boys. Mmmkay?^^
^^Who Boston? Intense? Never.^^
^^I love this angel boy.^^
^^Taste testers.^^
^^All time favorite. He couldn't get his mouth around that thing!!^^
After we were done apple pickin', we headed to a cute little Kentucky place called Windy Corner Market for some lunch. You know its going to be good when the line is out the door, and there isn't a table in sight!

We had to wait a little bit for our food, but man. It was SO worth it. (My mouth is watering just thinking about it. YUM.)
^^I caught him bustin' a move! Have I mentioned that I love this kid?^^
^^MINE: The fried shrimp po' boy. So freaking good.^^
^^JORD'S: "The Kentucky Boy"...aka pulled pork, cheesy, saucy heaven.^^
^^BOSTON'S: chicken nuggets & fries. Always.^^

What a great weekend!!

I love Labor day. And my family. And apples. And fried shrimp.

But mostly, my family. They are pretty stinking fun.
I think I will keep them.

The end.

(p.s. Pictures of our vacation are coming up soon! Pinky swear!)

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