Summer trip {Day 1}: Arriving in Charleston, South Carolina!


I am finally documenting our summer trip! It's taken me a thousand years to edit all of the photos I took... and now I have to decide which ones I should post. Would you guys totally shoot me if I just posted all of them? Like, all 6,000 of them in a row? Okay, okay. I won't do it. (BUT I WANT TO.) It is just so hard to narrow it down... every photo is just so precious to me.

Because friends, we had the best time on our trip. We soaked up every minute traveling with each other and with our cute chubby boys, and it was just magical. I mean, yeah, it had it's moments. Every road trip does. Moments where both of your kids are running around the hotel room naked eating Taco Bell at 9:30 at night (not that we ever did that)...but aren't those moments half the fun?

I broke up our trip into several blog posts to maximize the photos, because of course. This post is all about our arrival in Charleston, South Carolina! And how our boys wanted to marry the beach from the second they saw it.


We woke our kids up early Monday morning while the sky was misty and dark, and put them straight into the car in their pajamas. Luckily Camden fell back asleep after a little while of driving, but Boston just stared wide-eyed out his window the whole time. He would periodically lean forward and whisper, "Mom? We at the beach yet?" 

It was adorable. 

Annnnnd then about three hours in, the boredom hit with full force. And I caught him drawing (with markers) all over his face. It was awesome. But eventually, we made it to our hotel on the harbor in Charleston. Boston kept saying, "YOOK! I see the boats ebeewhere!" while looking out our window, and Camden basically just ran around the hotel room in pure joy... finally freed from his car seat.

^^hotel bed snuggles^^
After settling in at the hotel, we headed straight for the beach! We didn't even take time to change into our swimming suits. (Which, hindsight, that wasn't smart. But sitting in a car for nine hours straight doesn't exactly lead to rational thinking, people!) We just COULD NOT WAIT. 

And man, was it worth it. I mean really, how could any beach possibly disappoint? We walked along the pier at Folley Beach, played in the sand... and then our children ran into the ocean fully clothed. It was pure bliss. How about I show you one million photos to prove it? 
^^I love that my tough super hero will still snuggle with his mommy.^^
^^He was so excited to see the birds everywhere!^^
^^These boys are just a tad obsessed with their daddy.^^
^^Soaking wet, covered in sand, and completely content.^^

We were having a blast at the beach, when it suddenly hit us all at once. A big hunger fest that went something like "AHHH! I'm STARVING. Are you starving?? Because I'm STARVING!"

So we wandered down the beach to a cute little place called "Taco Boy," and though the tempura shrimp taco was pretty tasty, all of the other tacos we tried were pretty lack-luster. And very tiny. Boo!

Which meant we hit up Sonic on our way home for a giant fresh banana shake. Which is ALWAYS satisfying. (I LOVE YOU, SONIC HAPPY HOUR.)

What a great way to kick-off our vacation!! 

(More photos...coming up quick!)

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