Family photos! {Fall 2014}

So, I have a love/hate relationship with family pictures. I always LOVE getting our family pictures back from the photographer, but man, getting ready for family pictures stresses me out to the max!!  I am a definite stresser, so when pictures come around, I'm like:

Wait- what does everyone wear? What do I wear?? How are we going to keep the kids happy... slash how many smarties and m&m's do we need to shove in our pockets to stop meltdown central? What if the kids don't smile? What if I forget to smile because I'm so worried about the kids smiling?? Ahhhhh!

You know, your average pre-family-photo meltdown. It gets me every time baby, every time.

But this year, we had THE BEST photographer around, and wow- family pictures were actually a super fun experience! I know. I didn't know that was possible either!! But lo and behold, we had a blast. If you need some family pictures in your life, look up my dear friend Hannah from Hannah Walker Photography! (Kentucky friends! She is based out of Louisville!) She was awesome to work with. She made us feel so relaxed and normal... so that our pictures didn't turn out awkward or robotic looking. I promise that you will LOVE her and her work. She seriously rocks it!

I thought I would post some of my favorite photos from our shoot, which, okay. Guys. It's basically all of them. I couldn't help it!! I love my family, okay? And these photos. So enjoy!

^^Oh, how I love these boys in my life.^^
^^I mean, come on now. THESE BABIES OF MINE!^^
^^Kentucky in the Fall is a dream!!^^
^^tiny explorer.^^
^^This boy and his baseball. He loves it so much!^^
^^Have I mentioned that I love this man? Because I do. So, so much.^^
^^Boston Emery, age 3 & 3 months.^^
^^Camden Race, age 1 & 5 months.^^
^^In this picture, I can definitely see why people always ask me if they are twins.^^
^^DIMPLES. For days!!^^

Hannah, thank you SO much for taking our family photos, and for capturing such happy moments. You are the best. 

We love them!

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  1. I AM DYYYYYING! Please stop right this minute. I am being killed by absolute adorable-ness. Feel free to speak at my funeral. The end.