Summer trip {Day 4}: Hilton Head Island, SC!

Hi hi! So, I am obviously doing an amazing job at consistently blogging... not. Whoops. Guys! It is so hard to get back in the swing of things when I've been out of it for so long! (Curse you, morning sickness!)

I have like months and months of photos to post... but I thought I would hop back to our summer vacation for a bit. Because it was awesome. And warm. And man, could I use a little warmth in my life right now. Hashtag, I can'thandlethecold. Hashtag: summer4ever. Hashtag: takemetoHawaii?

And so! I give you, our day in Hilton Head... and only four months late! Ka-chow!



You guys. Hilton Head was a dream. I want to transport myself back there right this second. Imagine the most pristine beaches you have ever seen, lined with immaculate beach mansions, surrounded by lush green trees and hidden bike paths... and you have Hilton Head. I seriously felt like we were in a dream. (Well, except the part at the end of the day where our babies were naked, covered in sand, and screaming from sheer exhaustion. But you know.)

We drove to Hilton Head from Savannah in the morning, and stopped at the bike rental place first thing. A lot of people recommended that we rent bikes for the day to ride around the island, and it was easily the best decision we made. It was so awesome. We would ride around for a bit, then hang at the beach. Then hop on the bikes to do some more exploring... then make our way back to the beach. Then rinse, lather, repeat. (That's basically the pattern you'll see in these pictures.)

Man, have I mentioned how much I loved this day?? Because it was PERFECTION.

^^bike trailer = best invention ever.^^
^^applesauce pouches = second best invention ever. (Also, look how tiny Camden was!!)^^
^^That tiny beach bod. I die.^^
^^And THAT beach bod, too! Swoon.^^
^^Oh yeah, buddy. Looking good.^^
^^FAVORITE MOMENT: When I looked back during one of our pit stops, and they were both picking their "toe-jam". I mean, come on. So cute.^^
^^sunglasses stop!^^
^^So much fun. TAKE ME BACK.^^
^^And then, this. Welcome to a no-nap meltdown!^^
^^When we first saw this sign, we were like "Ha! Funny joke!"... but then we realized they weren't joking. And we pedaled our bikes extra fast.^^

It was such a fun day. One of the best ever.

As we drove back to our hotel in Savannah and our babies snoozed in the back seat, Jordan and I promised that we would come back to Hilton Head SOON. Because we didn't get enough in just one day.

Then we got back to Savannah late and starving, and so we ate Taco Bell on the floor of our hotel room. While Camden and Boston ran around naked. It was awesome.

(more photos from our trip... coming up soon! ...I hope. But don't quote me on that.)

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