Summer Trip {Day 5}: Tybee Island, GA!

Man, the South is hot. I mean, I'm used to the heat (I've lived in Southern Utah where the summers reach 115 degrees sometimes), but the humid southern heat is a totally different ballgame. IT IS SO HOT! We were there in August, and I swear there were moments when my face completely melted off. No exaggeration at all. (I never exaggerate.) It was crazy!!

On one of those particularly hot, hot days, we headed out of Savannah and ventured to Tybee Island! We pulled in, not really knowing what to expect, and it was basically the cutest little beach town I have ever seen. As we searched for the iconic Tybee Island lighthouse, we passed pastel colored beach houses and tiny winding roads that lead straight to the ocean... and I basically wanted to marry the place immediately. What can I say, I'm a sucker for beach towns! (Who isn't??)

We pulled up to the lighthouse, and my first thought was "Oh! Look how cute that is!"... immediately followed by "CRAP. Am I going to have to actually climb to the top??" Because guys. My fear of heights it a little bit ridiculous. But you know what? I did it. Actually, we all did! We each clutched a kid for dear life, and carried them up all 178 stairs. (Yeah, I just googled it. 178 stairs, people!!) And when we finally reached the top, I felt quite accomplished. And also, extremely sweaty.

And so, we climbed. And climbed and climbed. Poor Boston climbed his little heart out! ("We dere yet, Mom? I so tired. We almost to da top?")

And when we got to the top, the view was INSANELY gorgeous. It made all of the combing worth it! Lush green trees, the sparkling ocean in the distance-- it was perfect.

But I may or may not have stayed inside the glass enclosure and made Jordan take all of these pictures. I tried to go out on the balcony...but the heights combined with a wiggly one year old... yeah. That just wasn't happening. Like I said, I'm just a tad TERRIFIED of anything taller than your average staircase. Bah!
^^I mean, look at that!^^
^^Me and Cam Bam... sweating profusely behind the glass.^^
^^This cute little man had no fear. "Come out here, Momma! It so fun!"^^
^^I took this photo after we got down from the top. He looks almost as relieved as I was. It was an ordeal!^^
^^We did it! We climbed the thing. And we didn't even die!^^
^^This guy. RAWR.^^
After we left the lighthouse (and hung out in the car with the air conditioning blasting us for at least 30 minutes...sweet relief!), we found an awesome bloody shark's mouth next to a gift shop. So we took a thousand photos, obviously. The boys thought it was awesome!
^^"Mom! Yook at my pirate pose!^^
And then, we hit the beach. Whoop whoop!

I mean really, there is nothing better.
^^Yeah, I basically just want to eat him at all times.^^
^^We went to Sonic like four times that day. It was awesome.^^
When we were all completely covered in sand and ready for some actual food, we headed back to Savannah to clean up at our hotel.

Then we found the cutest restaurant, and had the best meal of our entire trip. But really. I still dream about that Southern, home-cooked food!!! If you're ever in Savannah, you must to to Sweet Potatoes Cafe. You will probably eat yourself into a coma, and then immediately die of happiness. It's that good.
^^This picture is like the worst quality ever, but I had to post it. This is Boston trying a lemon for the first time. His sour face was killing me. Haha!^^
^^My meal: Apricot glazed chicken, roasted rosemary brussel sprouts, a giant sweet potato with cinnamon-pecan butter, and a freshly baked biscuit. YUM.^^
^^His meal: Home style pot roast & gravy, sauteed summer veggies, warm cinnamon apples, and a warm biscuit.^^
^^Holy cow, THE DESSERT. Rich banana cream pudding with a cakey crust and walnut topping. Yeah, I could eat this every day and be totally happy with life.^^
^^I love this boy.^^

What a great day.
Yeah, I think I'm ready to go back now!

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