Camden's first year: A video!

As I get closer and closer to meeting baby number three, I get more and more sentimental about my two boys and how fast they're growing up. I can't believe how insanely fast time flies with kids!! I really can't handle it. Time needs to just freeze for a second. 

The other day, Jord and I were looking over some videos of Cam as a baby, and we realized we had never put his "first year video" together (... and yeah, he's almost two. Whoops!). So Jord worked his magic, and made this adorable video of Camden's first year. Better late than never, right?

You should know that I cry every time I watch this. I blame the pregnancy hormones!!

But seriously, it's the cutest. Take a look.

(and when you're done, you can see Boston's first year video, here!)


  1. I cannot get over how much hair your little ones are born with! So special to have these memories. Can't wait to see handsome boy #3!

  2. Why you always gotta make me cry?! Sheesh. Have a heart. Also, you are just the cutest. I'm so glad we were roomies so I could stalk you and your ADORABLE family all the time. Because, yes. You're a fabulous mother and I can see the adoration you have for your kids in your eyes. Keep up the great work, you little rascal, you! :)