{Easter 2015 photoshoot}: My two boys + a bunny!


Did I ever tell you that I have exceptionally talented photographer friends? Because I do. Like, insanely talented. (How did I luck out with knowing these amazing people??) So basically, I just mooch off of their talent at all times. Because of course!

When my friend Jenny (one of the previously mentioned talented people) talked about doing a mini-Easter photo shoot, I was so game. We brought in a bunny, decked out the kids in Easter garb, and man. They are some of the cutest photos I own. Hands down! I love my two handsome boys. And Easter. And bunny photoshoots. And Cadbury mini-eggs.

But anyways. THESE PHOTOS. Just get ready to die of cuteness!

^^POW! That was my heart exploding.^^
^^This is so Boston. He's never a shy one when a camera is out!^^
^^heart. breaker.^^
^^Cam can never resist doing a monkey face! I kind of love it.^^
^^I mean, I'M DEAD. This is just too cute to handle!!^^
^^Boston had a bit of a freak out with the bunny. And it was hilarious.^^

I know. Are you not dying? Because I am.

And I'm thinking this Easter/ bunny/ bow tie photo shoot definitely needs to become an annual thing.  Because please tell me those were not the cutest things you have ever seen.

Thanks for the darling photos, Jenny! You are so amazingly talented.
(To see more of Jenny's work, go here.)