Bostonisms! (at age 3.5)

It has been FAR too long since I have done one of these posts. I literally have three insaaaaaanely long pages of Boston quotes in my phone... because he cracks me up at least a hundred times a day! I mean, three year olds. They are stinking hilarious! 

I just can't get over this kid.

Here are some of my favorite Bostonisms (and Boston photos) from the last little while. Enjoy!


He fell and bumped his head, and suddenly said, "Oh man, where are my shoes? What day is it?"

I had heartburn suddenly hit me at dinner one night (thanks baby in my belly!), so I raised my arms above my head to help ease the burn. Boston saw me, raised his arms up too, and yelled "TOUCHDOWN!"  

Bost: "Mom, I don't want to take a nap."
Me: "I'm sorry Bost, but you need some rest. It's nap time!"
Bost: (slaps hand to forehead) "Ah! I just cant understand how to do this."

Me: "Hey Bost, are you bored?"
Bost: "No, I not boring. I a famous big boy."

Me: "Hey Bost, do you like animals?"
Bost: "Yeah, they like to pet me and lick me."

After spilling some food on the ground...
Me: "Don't worry, bud. I'll clean it up!"
Bost: (comes and slugs me on the arm) "Thanks, bro!"

"Hey Mom? Come here. I want you to give me nugs." (neck snuggles)

I overheard Boston explaining something to Camden, so I asked, "What are you telling him, buddy?"
"Oh," he said, "I just telling him about when I play baseball when I was a young man."

Bost: "Mom, I need a snack."
Me: "Okay, what do you want?"
Bost: "Um, maybe like, pancakes."

One day at lunch..
Bost: "Mom, I'm being soooo nice to Camden right now. I gabe him his juice."
Me: "Oh, thanks Bost! I love it when you're nice to your brother."
Bost: "Yeah. When I'm mean, I punch people. But when I'm nice, I gibb Camden juice."

Bost: "Hey Mom, what time is it?"
Me: "It's 6:50, buddy."
Bost: "Oh, perfect! I have time to cuddle with you."

"Hey Mom! You know what Camden's doing? Zurbers."

After looking at the latest ultrasound pictures of baby #3, Boston asked, "Hey, uhhhhh... why is our baby naked?"

Oh man, do I ever love him.
Like, so much that I can't even handle it.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Being a mom is the best! Hands down.

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  1. Oh mylanta! I just LOVE Bostonisms! I just do, okay?! He is such a little stud. :)

    1. Thanks Jessica!! He definitely keeps us on our toes...that's for sure!! Haha