Happy Father's Day! (+ a pre-Holland photoshoot!)


Happy, happy Father's Day! I am so blessed to know some pretty awesome dads. (You can see more of a shout out to them on my Instagram feed!)

But hey! It's been a while! I haven't blogged in a hundred years, a least. Whoops. I'm realizing that three kids actually takes quite a lot of work... and so blogging has kind of been pushed to the back burner. Maybe one of these days I'll get in a better groove, but for now, Instagram is what I'm all about, yo! It takes way less time...but I can still keep somewhat up to date on our life! (follow me @kelseymcmurtrey if that tickles your fancy!)

But and so. Once upon a time, two days before Holland was born, we did a lifestyle photo shoot with the ever talented Kate Dooley and Jenny Lane in our home. I knew that our life was about to drastically change with a new baby and a move out of Lexington, KY, so I thought it would be a perfect time to capture our family in that moment. And I am SO glad we did! Little did I know how fast things would change...we took these photos on a Saturday, and on the following Monday we had a new little baby in our lives. What perfect timing!

Anyways, I just love how these photos turned out. I think they capture our family perfectly. And speaking of Father's Day, you can just see the love these little boys have for their daddy!! They adore him, and so do I. (I can't wait until he we aren't across the country from each other...but that's a whole other story!!)

Onto the photos!

We made some cookies...and a gigantic mess. The boys had a blast! It made me realize that they just want to be involved. So many times I think, "It will be so much easier if I just do it myself!" But the memories you make when I let them help are just priceless.

^^That little tongue!!^^

I am SO happy that we captured these last precious moments as a family of four. And in our Lexington house! I already miss that place, and I will always treasure these photos.

And then, my tiny superheros. All the heart eyes!!

I love my husband. So, so much. I really don't know how I got so lucky!

I love my family!
Thanks Kate and Jenny, we will always cherish these photos.

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