Boo at the Zoo!

We kicked off October (...otherwise known as all-month-long-Halloween... please tell me I'm not the only one that feels this way! Woof.) with a fun trip to the Louisville Zoo! The zoo gets DECKED OUT with Halloween decorations during October, and every night, kids can trick-or-treat. They even have themed sections throughout the zoo that are based on popular movies and such. There was a Despicable Me section, a Toy Story section, and on and on. It was adorable! This was our first time experiencing Boo at the Zoo, and it was pretty awesome to see how all-out they went. The kids had a blast!

Here are some photos!
^^I love my little pilot & ninja!^^

^^Cutest, fattest baby award.^^
^^"Look Mom! A minion! Take a picture of me wiff it."^^
^^This is how we bypass standing in line for an hour for a picture with Olaf. Just snap a casual, blurry pic walking by! Thumbs up all around.^^
^^"It's poc-corn, Momma! I eat it?"--Cam^^
^^Love these blurry little crazies.^^
^^Since we wouldn't let him have any candy, he went for his fist instead. Looks pretty juicy to me!^^
^^Cutest little pilot EVER.^^
^^I think the kids forgot about the animals for the most part. They were just a tiiiiiiiiny bit distracted by the candy and costumes everywhere. But they love the polar bears, and this night was no exception! They had to stop and say hi.^^
^^Shark bum, ooh-ha-ha!^^
^^The jellyfish! So cute. Obviously Boston was super impressed.^^
^^We all live in a yellow submarine....^^
^^Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road....follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road! (are you sick of my singing yet?)^^

What a fun way to kick-off Halloween!
Hopefully this becomes a fun tradition.
We loved it!

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