Huber Farms! {Starlight, Indiania.}

Ahhhh, Fall. Crisp leaves, apple cider, boots, scarves... I JUST LOVE IT ALL, OKAY.

And the pumpkin patches!

There's just something about babies in a pumpkin patch, you know? Like it isn't REALLY Fall, until you've hit up the pumpkin patch and forced your kids to sit on pumpkins for a cute photo opp. At least that's how it works in my crazy mom-brain. Haha! But really, my kids were sooooo excited to "pick punkins," they could hardly wait.

Mid-October we got together with some friends and headed over the river to Huber Farms in Indiana. The weather was perfect, the pumpkins were pumpkiny (??) (just work with me), and my kids were in heaven. We had a blast!

^^Blurry family photo opp! I really should invest in a camera at some point. Hashtag iPhones for the win!^^
^^"But it's not a REAL spider, right mom?" --Boston boy (17 times)^^
^^The boys found this magical glittery unicorn, and they rode off into the sunset together.^^
^^The hayride out to the pumpkin patch was the boys' favorite part!^^
^^That dimple. Gets me every time.^^
^^"MOM! He's getting to hebby for me!!^^
^^FAVORITE. Holland's belly. Camden's scowl. Boston's cheeser. It's all just too good! haha.^^

So after we hit up the pumpkin patch, and realized that they were charging an ARM AND A LEG for a pumpkin, we came up with plan B. Because guys. Paying 27 dollars for a pumpkin (which we saw someone do)...just wasn't going to happen. Haha! 

We left and drove down the road to a little roadside pumpkin stand, with much better (cheaper) options. The kids each picked out a tiny 25 cent pumpkin, and boom! Everyone was happy. Thumbs up emoji!

Hooray for pumpkin patches! And cute children! And 25 cent pumpkins!
I love the Fall.

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