Halloween, 2015!

We had so much fun during Halloween season this year. My kids looooooved dressing up, and I loooooooved all of the candy they brought me. Thumbs up emoji!

Here are some photos of the Halloween events we went to in October. We had a lot of fun!
And don't worry, my kids still ravage their candy buckets daily. (I have no idea where they get their love of chocolate from....)

Anyways. Pictures!
^Fall Festival at Norton Commons!^
^I think he was just a tad excited for his party. Haha!^
^Ghost bowling!^
^This is my favorite ever. He was having the time of his life!!^
^Cutest little preschool class.^
^a cowgirl & the cutest, fattest baby horse you've ever seen.^
^Gangsta Jord!^
^Our crazy monster trunk!! The kids and I had a lot of fun coming up with this bad boy.^
^Homemade rootbeer!^
^The boys were a little wary of Cruella...^
^Happy trunk-or-treat!^
^Cute little pilot & Pirate Ninja!^
^The boys requested mustaches...and how could I say no??^
^love this little airplane turkey.^
^Happy, blurry, trick-or-treating.^
^This porch though. SWOON.^
^Oh yeah, Holland was there too. Just chillin' with a glow pumpkin!^
^THE LOOT. Yeah, it will probably last until next Halloween!! Haha.^
^These guys had a blast. I just love them!^
We had such a fun Halloween!!
I've said this a zillion times before, but life is so fun with kids. It just keeps getting better!

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