October's little moments.

I know, I know, I'm posting October. In the middle of December. But better late than never? (I wonder how many times I've posted that phrase on this blog. Probably waaaaay too many. Haha!)

But guys! I JUST TAKE TOO MANY PHOTOS. And what can I do but throw them all at you in one massive blog post??????

So here we are, with some of my favorite random iPhone snaps from October! Some are edited, some are from my Instagram, some are of fat babies...so you know. A fairly good line-up. Enjoy!

^two little pumkins.^
^This boy can literally fall asleep anywhere. Its amazing.^
^This is from Boston's preschool hay ride at the pumpkin patch! I managed to squeeze us all in the photo.^
^"Mom! I'm big like a g'rilla!"^
^"Me too!"
^We loooooove our fire pit in the back yard! The boys think it is so awesome to roast hot dogs...but mostly mallows.^
^I had to throw this picture in. Even though its blurry and smoky. Because obviously!!^
^Marshmallow hands!!^
^Marshmallow baby!!^
^Wolverine partnered up with the Holland Beckster-meister for the day.^
^Vegetable painting! The kids loooooved this. And Cam only ate a little bit of paint, so you know. A win all around!^
^It was so fun opening up a web page and seeing these cute faces!! More photos from this shoot, here.^
^"Hey Mom, I'm fixin' stuff."^
^This baby, you guys. He is so squish-tastic.^
^I mean, check them OUT.^
^Chubby pirates are the best kind of pirates.^
Boston drew this picture of himself (left), Camden (right), and Holland (bottom). LOOK AT HOLLAND'S CHUBBY LEGS!^
^Commuity helper day at preschool! "I'm a gun-struction helper, Mom. That's what I want to be when I'm big."^
^Jack-o-lantern quesadillas! Their request for lunch almost every day in October.^
^CHUBBA LUBBA. (Holland's six month check-up!)^
^Exploring with pirate Boston.^
^Family night at our favorite pizza joint!^
^I know. He's a dreamboat.^
^And so are these two.^
^Boston's cheerleaders for his last baseball game!^
^Those arm rolls. Don't you just want to eat them right off?^
^Jordan's always like, "Why do you take a zillion photos?" and I'm like, "THIS PICTURE.THIS IS WHY!" Heart eye emojis.^

^Watching the BYU game on the iPad with Dad.^

^Pumpkin carving!^

And there you have it. October!! 
In one thousand photos.

(Now, Merry Christmas next week. Haha!)

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