Family photos, Fall 2015.

It is so crazy to me that it’s almost the holidays again. Wasn’t it just Christmas, like, yesterday?? What the heck. Where did that year go? Slow down, time! You old dog. (But seriously. My babies are growing way too fast.)

Anyways, I figured I’d better get some current family photos for this year’s Christmas cards before the snow hit the ground, so I called up my super talented friend Jenny and we got crackin’! 

But here’s the thing about our photoshoot: It was kind of a disaster. As in, there was flailing and wailing and the gnashing of teeth (BOSTON), boogers and sickness (HOLLAND), crazy unnatural face contortions (CAMDEN)…. and some not so nice weather. All I can say is, poor Jenny. I felt so bad that she had to put up with our insane bunch and try to make us look good!! Luckily she is a magician, and somehow got a bunch of cute photos…even through the chaos. 

Also, Jenny is a saint, and did a reshoot with us so we could get some better photos of our family all together. (THANK YOU JENNY!!) I am so glad we went for round two, because the family photos turned out so much better. It’s amazing what warmer weather, happy kids, and a whole lot of candy bribery will do. So I'm posting a lot of photos in this post, because well, we took a lot. And I think my kids are cute. And how could I narrow it down to just a few?? (I couldn't.) Mmkay pumpkin?

And so! Here they are! Family photos, 2015.

{Round I}

^Camden Race, two and a half.^
^Holland Beck, six months.^
^Boston Emery, four.^
^Poor guy. Boston was not loving the photo shoot idea!^^
Check out Camden's faces in the next couple of photos. Yeah. We needed a reshoot! Haha.
^We were definitely struggling. Haha!^
^Man, it's a good thing he's the cutest thing in the world.^
^So squishable!^

These next ones crack me up. These children are out of control! Haha!
^I got so lucky with this guy.^
And with that last one, I say we move onto the next attempt at some decent photos together. Haha!
Here we go.

{Round II}
^Cheeser Cam. I love it!^
^Love this little stinker.^

These next ones of my boys...OH MY HEART!
^Their little squinty smiles. Gets me every time!^

I'm so glad that Jenny captured some of just Jordan and I, too. I love him! It's fun to think about how much we've grown in five years of marriage.

It's the most cliche thing to say in the world, I know, but I really am the luckiest.
^He makes me the happiest! Slash, Boston was screaming for me and I couldn't hold a straight face anymore! Haha.^
Family pictures are just so important to me. I want to make sure I capture how we are RIGHT NOW, because pretty soon, my babies will be all grown up. So I want to do all I can to stash these memories away.

Thanks for capturing these pictures, Jenny. We love them!

(To see our family photos from last year, click here.)

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  1. I just love love love love you and your sweet family!! Always an inspiration to me!